Bonham Boys at 26 weeks

I’m a few days late updating, but on Monday morning I went back to the doctor for another scheduled checkup.   Since my in-laws were in town (Nate’s mom, stepdad, and one of his brothers), I had purposely scheduled the appointment so that Kathy (Nate’s mom) could go with me and see the babies on the ultrasound. She loved it, and of course she cried!

The boys are still doing great.  If you remember at my appointment a few weeks ago, the doctor was a little concerned with the fact that there was a significant size difference between the boys…Barrett’s size was normal, but Noah’s was a good bit ahead and they wanted to watch him.   This time, the plan was to do another full measurement check to see if there were any changes.   Well, in the couple of weeks since that appointment, Barrett has decided that he doesn’t like being smaller than his brother and has started trying to catch up.   He is quickly closing the gap, and now both of them are measuring nice and big.  Barrett is right at 2lb 1oz, and Noah is weighing in at 2lb 5oz.  The ultrasound tech’s comment was “Girl, where are you going to put them?  These boys are HUGE!”

During the ultrasound, both of the boys were pretty active.  Barrett did a full flip this past week, so now they’re both upside down with their feet up close to my ribs.   It was so funny to watch their little feet kicking each other and getting all intertwined.  It was also funny that we could tell whose feet were whose, because Noah’s were still a little bigger.   The ultrasound tech kept having to move around to get good shots of them because they were so active, and said “You must not be getting any sleep!”  Ha. Understatement of the year!

Here’s the latest pictures:

^ Noah's profile. He looks so sweet! That circle to the left of the picture is the top of Barrett's head.
^ Barrett, looking straight at us. He's got his arms on either side of his face. I love his big and round his belly is!

Overall, it was a great appointment.  My doctor said she couldn’t believe that she hasn’t had to put me on 100% bedrest yet, particularly with how big the boys are.  I am glad that I can still keep up my current routine, which still allows me to do little things like pick up the house, run quick errands, and go to church…as long as I am spending the majority of the day resting.

My biggest issue these days is my back, which is expected with my 12-year history of back trouble.  Everything else is the basic general discomfort & symptoms that come with twin pregnancy, I think, so I can’t really complain.   Since my doctor is impressed with how things are going, I am happy.    She is letting me have 1 more round of every-other-week appointments, so I’ll go back in on April 21, but after that I have to start coming in every week to monitor for labor signs.  It’s weird that we’re getting to that point!

Tomorrow I will be 27 weeks… 8 weeks until the “goal date,”  13 weeks until my due date.  We’re getting close!!


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