Bonham Boys at 23 weeks…

I went to the doctor on Monday morning to check on the boys.  (I was supposed to go last week, but I moved the appointment so Nate could go with me.)

We did the ultrasound first, and both of the boys were looking great!  As always, Barrett was active and kicking everything he could reach, and Noah was just trying to run for cover.  It is always so weird to watch them on the screen at the same time that I’m feeling them move around in my belly!  They both had strong heart rates and looked great.  They took measurements this week, and Noah is weighing in at 1-lb, 8-oz while Barrett is 1-lb, 2-oz.

Because Noah is measuring so much bigger (he’s now a full 2 weeks ahead of his brother), the doctor wants to watch him pretty closely.  She doesnt think there is anything wrong right now because he is very healthy and is growing proportionally, so most likely he is just going to be a big boy.  Since Barrett is big and healthy also (and since they each have their own placenta), she doesn’t think there’s any danger that Noah is stealing nutrients from him.   But just because his growth rate seems to be faster than his brother’s, we are going to keep a closer eye on him.  I’m going back in a couple weeks to have another full measurement check on him to see how he’s doing.   But it basically looks like Noah is just going to be a big ‘un…which is normal for baby boys in our family!

Here are the updated pictures of the boys at 23 weeks:

^ Noah, lying in the fetal position on his side, but the turned his head enough that we could get a profile of his face!
^ Barrett, getting ready to punch Noah's arm, which is drifting over towards him (you can kind of see it above Barrett's head). Typical for Barrett!

I can’t wait to see them in person!

The doctor also ran a couple of other checks on me to test for some things that often cause problems for women carrying twins, and all of the results were great!  I was really thankful for that, because that meant that I was not put on bedrest yet.

Speaking of bedrest, she has told me that as long as I am limiting myself alot, she is not going to force me to bed until absolutely necessary.   I have to wrap up my other job this week so that I can start staying home every day, and my instructions are basically “if you don’t absolutely HAVE to do something, don’t do it. Stay home and rest, and sitting doesn’t count as rest.”   But I can still get out a little if I need to, and I can do little things around the house during the day as long as I am resting alot in between.  I am so glad that I am not tied to the bed/couch yet!   Hopefully, as long as my check-ups are all positive, I can keep things the way they are for awhile longer.   I am determined to take good care of myself so that I don’t have to be forced to bed. So far, so good!


2 thoughts on “Bonham Boys at 23 weeks…

  1. Maybe Noah is just bigger since he isn’t as active as Barrett. guess Barrett just burns more calories

    Tell him you gotta move it to lose it. :-)

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