Making progress! (And I want your advice…)

We have been steadily working towards getting things ready for the babies, and it finally feels like we are making some headway.   I’m getting to the point where it won’t totally stress me out when the doctor puts me on bedrest.  There will be still be things left to do, but they won’t be the big things…so I won’t mind asking for help!

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • I registered, which was both fun and exhausting.  I was on my feet for way too long!
  • We cleaned out the office, moved the furniture (got rid of some of it), and made room for baby stuff.  We now have a small office area set up in the master bedroom, and it is working out really well.
  • We got our crib and set it up.  It was donated to us by some  friends of ours…plus they will have a 2nd matching one to give us in a few months…just in time for when we will have to start putting the babies each in their own crib.
  • We got the bedding for 1 crib and put it in the bed, and it looks adorable! (I just registered for the 2nd set of bedding since I wont be setting it up immediately anyway)
  • We got the changing table set up, complete with little wicker organizer baskets on the shelves.
  • We got the rocker/recliner from storage and set it up in the living room…its much better on my back than the couch or the bed.  Plus, it will be moved to the nursery once the babies arrive.  That is, if it fits.  (If not, I’ll have to add “get a smaller rocker” to my To Do list!)
  • I got several bins and labeled them with sizes, so I can start keeping up with the baby clothes that friends have started giving me.  I sorted the boxes of clothes that I have already received, so at least I’ll be able to be a little organized from the start. They will be stored at the top of the closet in the nursery.
  • I cleaned out the guest room closet so that I can move the bookshelves in there that are currently in the babies’ closet.  I just cant actually move the bookshelves, so I’ll have to wait on Nate for that.
  • I am working on putting together a stash of preemie clothes since there’s a good chance the babies will be small when they arrive.  (Even though they are measuring big, they will still probably be early enough that they’ll be smaller than the typical newborn. But hopefully not too much smaller!)   Preemie clothes are hard to come by in Jackson (unless you go to the expensive boutiques), so I’ve had to do a good bit of looking.  But at least I’ll have them if I need them!  I’ve heard too many stories of people who didn’t think to get preemie clothes beforehand, and ended up having to send someone to hunt them down before they left the hospital.  I’m glad someone gave me that tip!

There are still a few more things that we have to do, such as:

  • Paint the babies’ room.  We’re using leftover paint from one of the houses Nate built, and its also the same color we painted our master bedroom.  It’s a tan/gold neutral color, so it will be good when we sell the house in the future.  Plus it looks great with the bedding that we picked out for the cribs.  This is the last thing we really have to do in the nursery, besides hanging curtains and artwork, etc.  (I’d also like to paint the hallway, guest bath, and guest room…but that’s not going to happen anytime soon! One thing at a time…)
  • Figure out the vehicle situation… we are selling Nate’s truck because it wont fit any carseats.  He will start driving my car, and we are getting a used kid/travel friendly one for me to drive.  We’ve made some headway on this one already, so hopefully it wont be too much longer.  But this also means that we have to get Nate’s truck all cleaned up and ready to sell.
  • Clean out the closet in the babies’ room… it is currently filled with bookshelves and books, which will be moved to the guest closet instead, like I mentioned before.  We just need to actually move them all from one closet to the other.
  • Clean out some room in the kitchen for baby stuff like bottles, and bottles, and more bottles.
  • Pack a hospital bag….that’s just one of those things I’d rather do myself than have someone do for me, so I might as well do it early.

Okay, now I want some advice from all you mamas out there… if you were me, what would be on your list of “Things To Do Before Bedrest” ??     I’d love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “Making progress! (And I want your advice…)

  1. I agree with kelly on the nikki time. And would like to add some nikki and nate time…go on lots and lots of dates or just spend quality fun time together. Take lots of pictures because you are going to love looking back on your belly. What about going home outfits? This was one thing that I didn’t have while on bedrest, and it made me nervous for some reason. The day or so I got off of bedrest, I went and bought his going home outfit. (btw–bought a preemie size gown and it fit perfectly–he ended up being 7 lbs 7 ounces). You really sound like you are getting together everything that you need so that is great! Oh and I saw a couple preemie boy outfits on clearance at walmart in maddy…I will get them for you if they are still there (they were super cheap but cute and I wanted to buy them but I couldn’t think of anyone who would need them right now–duh you!!). That is all I think of right now, but I will let you know if I think of anything else ;)

    oh and for bedrest….make a pregnancy scrapbook–I have no idea why I didn’t do this on bedrest. I was sooooo lazy on bedrest. I didn’t want to do anything productive–it was strange.

  2. i had a suggestion for finding preemie clothes. you might check (or have someone check for you) at the consignment shops in Jackson. some good ones off the top of my head are : Kids Kloset, Leap Frog, and Bargain Botique. obviously, stuff turns over quickly, so you could keep checking back every week or two or whatever for more clothes. They might even be willing to call you if some stuff was brought in that was preemie. worth a shot. also, EBAY. People on there sell LOTS of clothes (as in, a big bunch at once), in super great condition for not much money per piece. I would totally get on there and search for preemie clothes. I bet you can find everything you need just doing that, AND you can do it on bed rest! You could do that for different sizes for the boys as they grow, too. Speaking of which – I just did a quick search and found a bunch of preemie baby boy clothes LOTS for sale. Check it out!

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