Bonham boys at 18 weeks

I’m actually at 19 weeks now, but these pictures were taken at my last appointment when I was just over 18 weeks.  I am now going to the doctor every other week for an ultrasound.  In a month or two, they will change it to every single week.  I love getting to see these sweet boys so much!  (I just hope my insurance doesn’t decide that they’re not paying for it!)

One of the best things about seeing the babies so much is that we are starting to see patterns in their behavior.  Baby A seems to be a cuddlebug. He always likes to be nestled in and curled up into a ball, and we usually have to poke him a little to coax him to spread out so we can get a good look at him.  Baby B on the other hand is a wild man.  He is always on the move, and he kicks anything that gets close to him, whether it’s his brother, the ultrasound wand, or my fingers poking him through my belly.  If anything is within kicking distance, he’s going to take a shot at it.  It will be interesting to see if they end up being that way after they are born as well!

^ Baby A, curled up with his feet and hands in a little ball on top of his tummy.
^ A great shot of Baby A's little hand. He's waving at you, Kathy!
^ Baby B, once we could get him to be still enough for a picture! He's actually sucking his fingers!
^As we were getting a look at Baby A's brain, Baby B stuck his foot over and gave him a nice kick in the head. They are definitely brothers!

A quick update:

The doctor is concerned about my high risk for pre-term labor, so she is keeping a very close eye on things.  I am doing everything I can to make sure that these boys stay big and healthy, and so far they are doing great.  The health of the babies doesn’t seem to be a concern at all because they are doing even better than expected; the doctor is more worried about my ability to carry them well!  That means that I am having to take it pretty easy these days.  She restricted my activity a little, but not too much to start out with.  I have several hours of mandatory “rest time” each day at various times, where I have to be fully reclined…”sitting doesn’t count!”  I also have to make sure that I don’t stay on my feet for too long at one time, and I have to space out most of my housework and things so that I don’t get overworked.  So far, I can still get everything done as long as I take it easy, but she said that as soon as the babies hit the verge of viability (24-25 weeks), things will change and I will have to be even more restricted.

Nate is really good about saying “You haven’t rested in a while.  Couch time…now!” if I lose track of time.  He’s also a great sport about the fact that I’m not doing much cooking or anything…nothing that means I’m standing in the kitchen for an extended period.  He is taking frozen meals, leftovers, and carryout like a champ, even though I know it’s not his favorite.  But the good thing is that we both know that it’s only for a season, and that we are happy to do whatever is best to make sure these babies stay put as long as possible.

My next appointment is next Wednesday (the 24th), so more pictures to come next week!


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