Bonham Boys at 17 weeks….

This week has been an interesting one.  I should have been blogging all along since I had the time, but for some reason I didn’t.  I just wasnt in the mood, I guess!

Last weekend I came down with the nasty stomach bug that is going around, and it was miserable!  I stayed in the bed almost all weekend long trying to get over it.  Monday I went to the office and did a few things around the house, but I was feeling a really strange sensation in my belly.  I wasnt sure what it was, but it didn’t stop.  So I called the doctor and told her about it, just in case.  She said it sounded like I might be having some light contractions and told me to stay off my feet and drink lots of water.  If it didn’t go away, I should call her the next day.   Well I rested all afternoon and evening, and on Tuesday morning the contractions were stronger and more distinct… I could definitely tell they were contractions at that point!  No pain or anything, but a strong and noticeable tightness would take over my belly every few minutes.  They told me to come on in the office to have it checked out.

I went in to the clinic on Tuesday afternoon so they could check on me and the babies.  They sent me for an ultrasound at first to make sure that the babies weren’t in any distress.  They were doing great!  They were moving all around and having a blast in there.  At one point, Baby B even stuck his feet straight up in the air and started kicking his brother, making him bounce all over the place!  We are in trouble if they are starting to pick on each other already!   Of course, they are both still big for twins….usually twins are smaller than singles.  Baby B is measuring the same as a single, and Baby A is measuring over a week ahead of a single!  My boys are champs (:

After the relief that my little boys were safe and in no danger, the doctor checked me out to make sure that I wasn’t showing any labor signs…I wasn’t.   She said that the contractions were most likely brought on by the dehydration caused by the stomach bug, and that they would probably go away.  Since they had steadily progressed however, she wanted to make sure they didn’t get bad enough to start causing labor signs.  So she told me I had to stay off my feet for at least 2 days.  If the contractions totally went away, I could move around some on Friday, but if they came back, I had to go back in to the clinic.

So I spent Wednesday and Thursday in the bed.  I got a little taste of the bedrest to come at the end of the pregnancy, and I think it is safe to say that I am going to need a game plan to keep from losing my mind!  I was searching for things to keep me occupied for 2 days.

Thankfully, the contractions totally went away and havent returned.  I have been back up and about since Friday morning, but I’m making sure to get plenty of rest, so don’t worry!  I have another appointment on Monday to make sure that things are still going well.   I’ll get another ultrasound…it will be the 3rd one in 2 weeks.  I guess that’s the benefit of having twins!  You get to see them EVERY time you go to the doctor!

This little episode made us realize that we REALLY need to go ahead and get everything together since I have no idea when the doctor will put me to bed.  She already told me that she is putting me on “restricted activity” in a few weeks, and to start preparing for that.   We have started making plans for getting the nursery together, registering, and getting the house ready.   Hopefully, we’ll have enough of the big stuff ready that I will be able to just enjoy the down time whenever it comes.  No  matter what, though, the primary focus is on taking care of these sweet boys and making sure they stay in as long as they need to!

Speaking of my boys, here’s the latest pictures from our surprise appointment this past week:

^ Baby A just chillin on his belly. He is crouched on his little feet and has his hands curled up underneath him.
^ Baby B bein' a little troublemaker. He is bouncing his brother up and down with his feet. Look how long his legs are! He's going to take after his daddy and not his short mama!

I hit the 18 week mark yesterday.  Since the doctor is shooting for 35 weeks, I am over halfway there!


2 thoughts on “Bonham Boys at 17 weeks….

  1. Thanks for answering my question! That’s kind of what I was thinking, but I wanted to make sure I was doing it “right” haha. Hope you and the twins are doing well!

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