Friday in Honduras

Friday, the guys and girls split up and headed in two different directions.   In the morning, Nate and Mike (the team leader) headed to Armenia to go pick up a Honduran man and his daughter, then drove them into town so that they could take care of some business, such as paying bills, etc.   Josh and Sean stayed back at one of the houses and kept the kids (Jak, Lucy, and Ellie) while the ladies all went out hunting down school supplies.

We hit lots of local stores and pretty much depleted their resources, buying huge amounts of pencils, pens, notebooks, glue, pencil sharpeners, rulers, and more.  Since alot of stores dont stock very much of any given item, it’s kind of hit-and-miss as to where you’re going to find what you need.  So, you basically hit the streets, going from one store to the next, until you find everything on your list.

At each place, we were counting out hundreds of items to check off our list, but the workers at the store had to recount our items to make sure the numbers were right.  Once we realized that this was going to happen, we found it was much easier to just tell them “we need X number of markers” or whatever, and let them just count them for us.  Needless to say, with our HUGE list, we ended up having lots and lots of employees doing nothing but helping us!  There was one woman sitting on the floor counting out 4000 pencils.  Yep…FOUR THOUSAND.  By hand.  Thankfully, they were all so grateful for what we were doing that they were more than happy to help!

Basically, these school supplies are divided into student bags and handed out to the kids who attend school but cannot afford their supplies.  Of course, many of the children don’t go to school at all, because the cost of registration, uniforms, transportation, books, and supplies is far more than their family can afford.  But for those that do, having a bag of brand new school supplies saves them alot of money.

When we got back, we met the guys at the Papuseria, which is a little restaurant in a shopping center similar to a food court.  It is air conditioned and has a kids jumping house, so it’s a fun place to go.  We ate lunch, then took the kids back to the house for the ladies’ turn to keep them while the guys went out.

They decided to have a “boys day” and headed out to the rainforest/mountain area to go hiking and hunt for a waterfall.  When they came back hours later, they were sopping wet and exhausted, but with huge smiles on their faces from an exciting afternoon of hiking and swimming.   They had a blast!  I was really glad that they decided to do a trip like that, because Nate doesnt get to do things like that often with his wimp of a wife! (especially now that I’m pregnant!)

After everybody had time to wind down, get showers, and cool off, we had a dinner and game night with the two missionary families.  We had a great Honduran dinner of beans, rice, yucca, and tortillas, then hooked up the Wii to the projector and battled each other in every Wii game imaginable.  We had a Mario Kart tournament (Nate won), followed by sword fighting, ping pong, frisbee, and more.  Of course I didnt win at anything, because I suck at all things sports-related even if it’s simulated. But I’m okay with that.

After all of the activity for the day, I’m pretty sure everyone slept well!


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