More from Honduras…

We have spent several more wonderful days in Honduras.  Yesterday, we went to the women’s Bible study, like I mentioned, and it was really neat to see a group of American women living in Honduras as missionaries from various organizations.   I havent seen anything like this before– where missionary women from lots of denominations and backgrounds come together, despite some of the denominational differences in their beliefs, and to encourage one another and study the Word of God together.  They normally do Beth Moore studies, but they are currently working through a study called Women After God’s Own Heart.  After all, they are all in the same situation…American women trying to adjust to a Honduran culture while telling others about Jesus.  It was a great experience.

We also had the opportunity to spend some time with the McCanns last night, which we normally don’t get to do as much since we’re not staying at their house.  We went to dinner with them at a great little Honduran restaurant, where they got our order completely wrong, but what they served us was still delicious.  There are several places in town that are considered “safe for Americans” because they use filtered water for all of their cooking, ice, etc, and because the meat they purchase and serve is extremely healthy and safe.  It’s great staying with people who know where we can eat and where we cant!

For the most part, I havent had any trouble at all with the food.  I brought alot of my own stuff, but I havent had to use that much of it.  We eat here at the homes of the missionaries alot, and everything they serve us is perfectly safe.  I pack peanut-butter and jellies to take with me whenever we go out anywhere, just in case I have to eat something to fend off nausea.

Speaking of the food, Honduran food is WONDERFUL! It’s kind of a mix between mexican and caribbean, and I love both of those.  They eat alot of rice, beans, tortillas, cheese, vegetables, and eggs.  Their refried beans here are made with a different type of bean, and they are really good.  They are a staple here and are used in lots of meals, and I havent minded a bit!  We’ve had various Honduran dishes and I havent found a single thing that I didn’t love.

More coming soon!


One thought on “More from Honduras…

  1. Why don’t you go ahead and come home so I can quit stressing out so much about you being gone. Call me the second you get home! Miss you and LOVE YOU (and your babies, and your husband, but you the most).

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