Hola from La Ceiba, Honduras!

I’ll go ahead and tell you straight off that I can’t post any pictures.  I have my camera and I’m taking pictures, but I don’t have a way to transfer them to this computer.  I’m using the Mac here at the house where we’re staying, and it doesnt read my memory card.  So you’ll have to wait until I get back!

Nate and I (and Josh, Emily, & baby Jak) got here around 6pm on Monday night after a pretty decent day of travel.  It was 4 short flights  (one 1.5 hour flight, one 2.5 hour flight, one 30 minute flight, and one 15 minute flight!)  The babies traveled pretty well, all things considered.  I was only sick a couple of times, and even those were manageable.

Once we made it here, we immediately went to have dinner with the 2 missionary units here.  The Pettingills (Mike & Erin and their 13 year old daughter, Maddie), and the McCanns (Sean, Lindsey, and their two toddler daughters, Lucy and Ellie).  We have really loved getting to know them so far and learning about everything that is going on here in Honduras.  Of course, we were all exhausted during dinner after a night of very little sleep and then getting up at 4am to make our flight!  Nate and I are staying with the Pettingills, so we headed back to their house, while Josh and Emily (and baby Jak)  are staying with the McCanns.

Yesterday morning we slept in, then headed out around 10am for a basic tour around the city.  La Ceiba is the 3rd largest city in Honduras with around 200,000 people.  It still feels small though, because you can get from one side of the city to the other in about 10 minutes.  Right outside of the city are lots of small communities, such as Armenia Benito, which is a small 3000-person, very poor community that the team ministers to on a regular basis.  After our tour of the main city, we drove out to Armenia Benito, which is about 20 minutes away, and held a Kids Club for the kids there.  They all spoke Spanish, so I couldnt talk to them that much, other than phrases like hello, how are you, whats your name, how old are you, etc.  The basic Spanish I learned in elementary school doesnt get me very far here!!  We basically communicated through gestures and hugs, which they responded really well to!  They also really loved my digital camera, so I got lots of great pictures.  Nate went out a few hours before the Kids Club started and played soccer with the kids and just hung out with them, and the boys especially really took to him! By the time I got there, he had made lots of new spanish-speaking friends, although they couldnt say a word to each other!

After the kids club, we came back to the Pettingills house for dinner and more time to visit, then headed to bed.

Today we’re going grocery shopping with the ladies to get a feel for how some of the practical aspects of life here are handled, then working on getting some school supplies sorted and prepared for the kids in the community who dont have money to buy their own.  This afternoon Emily and I are going to a womens Bible study with a big group of various missionaries from many denominations and organizations who are here in the city.  It will be interesting to hang out with other women who are doing the same type thing in a different context.

Tonight Nate and I are having dinner with the McCanns, since we dont get to spend as much time with them, and Josh & Emily are having dinner with the Pettingills for the same reason.  We’re basically switching up for the evening so we can all get some one-on-one time with each other.

Speaking of one-on-one time, Nate has made a new unexpected friend.  The Pettingills have a HUGE rotweiler who adores Nate.  They are basically inseparable if we are all here at the house!

I’ll plan on updating again tomorrow… until then, keep praying for us and the babies, as well as for the work here in La Ceiba and the surrounding communities.  It is amazing to see what God is doing here and how me might be using us here in the future!! Specifically, pray that Nate and I (and Josh and Emily) will be able to confidently discern whether this is the place that God has planned for us to live and serve.


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