DPP 7: You have been warned.

Stupidcat has very specific places she will sleep.  She’s a picky girl.

Every night she tries to sleep in our bed with us.  Every night she gets picked up and carried to the guest room, which is the only other place she’ll sleep at night.  In the guest room bed, on the pillows.  (If you’re spending the night with us, you’d better be okay with sharing.)   If you just kick her off the bed and don’t take her to the guest room, she attacks your head all night. Like I said, picky. 

During the day, she sleeps on top of me.  Now that I’m having to rest up in the afternoons in order to make it through the day, she has decided that the only decent sleeping option is on top of the babies.  When I lie down on the couch in the afternoon, she jumps right on top of me and snuggles down.  If I’ve been home for awhile and haven’t laid down yet, she starts attacking my feet until I do.  The couch by itself is no longer good enough. She has to be on top of me on the couch.

Now that Nate is studying for exams in the evenings, Stupidcat has decided that he works as a great snuggle buddy as well.  There’s no point in his trying to pull out the computer or put a book in his lap.  She lies right on top of all of it until he decides that studying is overrated and it’s much more fun to pet the cat.  Obviously, if you’re sitting on the couch, the reason must be because you are wanting to provide a comfy spot for her to sleep. If you cannot comply, you will have a bite taken out of whatever body part is handy.

Now that the Christmas tree is up, she has added 1 more spot to her list.   If I am not lying down, if Nate is determined he WILL study despite Stupidcat’s constant whining, she has one other option. 

Usually this serves as home base for her stealth attack maneuvers, but sometimes it doubles as a bunk.  Sometimes it’s both at the same time…  you think she’s sleeping, but you walk by and have an all-out assualt on your ankles.  Or your head.

All I’m saying is don’t mess with the sleeping set-up at our house.  Better yet, just don’t mess with Stupidcat.


2 thoughts on “DPP 7: You have been warned.

  1. Nikki,
    My cat would also sleep on my belly when I was pregnant with Taylor. She would curl up on (or next to when I got really big!) my belly and purr really loud. This loud purring apparently excited Taylor because she would start kicking.

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