December Photo Project (6): Investment 1 out of 1 million

Today Nate and I bought our first baby item.  This may seem premature, but there was a reason for it, I promise!

In all of our previous houses, there was somewhere for the pups to sleep at night once it got cold.  Either a garage, a large laundry/mud area, or something.  Then we moved to this little house, which as I’ve mentioned, is tiny and doesn’t have a garage.  The only option is the kitchen.

As I mentioned the other day, when we found out it was going to snow, we decided it was time to start moving the pups inside at night.  So we bathed them and put a big blanket in the kitchen. There’s no door to the kitchen, so we blocked the opening as best we could, and hoped they would stay put.

Nate woke up at about 2am with Leia’s cold nose in his face.  Obviously this wasnt going to work.

Last night we tried again, and this time we blocked the opening with 2 big chairs lying on their sides. It worked, but only because I didnt have to get up in the middle of the night to eat or refill my water, which is what normally happens.

Today, we decided to bite the bullet and purchase a baby gate. A good one. One that will work for the pups through the winter and serve double duty once the babies get here. A better quality one than we would have bought just for the pups.

So if you walk into my house right now, you will not find any babies, but you will find a gate to keep any pups from getting OUT the kitchen and any hypothetical or potential babies from getting INTO the kitchen.

I have a feeling this is just one of the many times in the coming months that we’re going to have bite the bullet and invest in something that will work not only now, but for the future as well.


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