December Photo Project (1) – The only picture I can think of worth posting…

I got tagged to participate in the December Photo Project, then threatened if I didn’t follow through. Since you don’t  ignore threats from a woman who’s 36 weeks pregnant with a watermelon, I figured I’d better jump on in.  Basically, you post a different photo for each of the days from now until Christmas.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll have something good to post every day, but we’ll see.

So I started thinking about which picture I would post first, and there’s only one picture that I can think of worth posting… the picture I look at a hundred times each day…  the picture that I have imprinted on my brain… the picture that I can honestly say changed my life.

Wanna see?

In case you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking at, I’ll tell you.

Those are the two little babies currently residing inside my tummy.   Yep…TWO of them!   We are having twins!!

They are a little bigger than that now, because that picture was taken about a week and a half ago, but this is the only picture I’ve got until December 21.  At our last appointment, the babies were healthy and strong with great heartbeats.   We’ll go again in 3 weeks for another ultrasound and checkup to make sure both of them are growing at the same rate.  Since it’s twins, I’ll have to go in for more appointments than most, but I’ll also get more ultrasounds than most!  I can’t wait to see how they’ve grown in just a few weeks time.

We had originally planned to wait awhile to start spreading the news…sometime at the beginning of my 2nd trimester.  But since I’ve been pretty sick, combined with the fact that I’m going to be showing much sooner than we originally thought, we figured it would be pretty obvious to everyone.  So we figured we might as well go ahead and share the news a few weeks earlier and ask for everyone to pray for healthy babies!

We are expecting the babies sometime in June… apparently it’s kind of hard to pin down a date when it’s twins.  We can’t wait to meet these sweet babies in person!  Until then, please join us in praying that I can keep myself and these 2 babies healthy for the next 6 or 7 months!


5 thoughts on “December Photo Project (1) – The only picture I can think of worth posting…

  1. I Happened at 12!!! Congratulations to you both! Got the news from Kathy and am so excited for you! Twins!! You are so blessed. I will keep you all in my prayers!


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