Back to normal…

We have a dog who thinks she’s a mountain goat.  She climbs on anything and everything, always wanting to be on the highest spot.   At the house in Bainbridge, there was nothing in the yard that she could jump on, so we thought she had given up on her mountain climbing.  When we moved here, she didn’t really try any stunts in this yard either. Weird.

Until a couple of weeks ago.  We walked outside one morning to find her asleep on the patio table.  When I drove out of the driveway, she stood up to watch me go, and I realized that our goat was back.

1010091404I laughed because it looked like she was standing on the fence.  (ignore the messy carport… Nate was working on a project). Then I thought “I hope she doesnt learn how to jump on the fence, or we might be in trouble.”

You see, when Nate built the fence, he built in a little table-top on the corner to give it more support.  Usually Stupidcat sits there and waits for us to come home.   I guess she’s giving Leia ideas, because this week, she switched from the table to here:


Welcome back, mountain goat.


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