• Keeper of the Home  is doing a giveaway for 2 of her books.  One is a “best of” type e-book, the other is an e-book that has just been recently turned into a paper-back book. She’s giving away a hard copy.  I really like her blog, so I have a feeling I’d really like her book as well.   Keeper of the Home is a new blog I just started following after Emily turned me on to it.   I would link to Emily, but SHE DOESNT BLOG so that’s impossible. 
  • 22 Words is also doing a giveaway… for ESV Study Bibles- the nice leatherbound ones.  He gives you 22 different and fun ways to enter, because that’s the kind of thing he does over there.
  • Tim Challies is starting a new series this week on sex.  He says that he is speaking “especially to young men, those who are teenagers or dating or engaged or newly married. However, I do hope that anyone can read and enjoy the series, even if the teen years are far behind you.”   I usually benefit from most of the things Tim Challies posts about on his blog, so I have no doubt that this will be the same even though I dont fall into any of his target categories.  You’d probably benefit, too!  And if you don’t subscribe to Challies…. you should start today.
  • And speaking of Challies, I am currently reading his first book, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, and it is really great.  I’m only about halfway done, but I can already recommend it.
  • A couple of days (years) old, but Dan Phillips of Pyromaniacs (re)posts about 25 things he’s learned…. and they’re worth passing along.

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