Help Wanted…

Homemade bread is supposed to look like this:

honey-wheat-sandwich-bread-whole-grain-slicedNeedless to say, mine does not.

I am on my second batch. The first was fine except that it didn’t rise, which is kinda important.   The second looks like it’s about the same.  I googled “why won’t my bread rise” (genius, I know), and came up with several options to help with trouble-shooting.  I also called up my friend, Emily, aka Mother Earth, and she is helping me fix the problem.

Since everything is turning out fine except for the whole rising issue, I’m starting to think I got a bad batch of yeast.  Any other suggestions??


2 thoughts on “Help Wanted…

  1. I know my mom always put hers in a cool oven with a towel over it bc of the weather? we would get in trouble if we opened the oven bc it would mess it up.
    maybe that’s a normal thing in bread making.
    my vote is to google beer bread. it’s like 3-4 ingredients. so easy. no rising. and tastes the same! one day maybe I can move past beer bread and on to the real thing. I’m impressed!

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