Since Nate has to study every evening (and I dont!)…

1. Glee. Hilarious. I even had a dream that entailed the entire Alabama football team in full pads doing a musical number… I normally don’t dream about football or musicals, so I’m assuming it’s because of the show.  And I can’t get “Single Ladies” or “Mercy” out of my head.  Needless to sa y, Nate does not watch this one with me, and has no desire to.

2. How I Met Your Mother. The funniest, most  underrated show on television. Seriously. Nate and I watch this one every single week without fail, and we make do with reruns when its not on.  It’s one of those shows that has such memorable characters that you fall a little more in love with them the longer you watch… kinda like Friends.

3. Law & Order, SVU. Olivia Benson is one of my favorite female characters on TV and I wish she was real.  I think I would have to figure out some way to become her friend.  The first episode of this season was a big disappointment though, bc of the new guy from PrisonBreak that they brought in. I really hope he isn’t going to be a regular because I can’t take anymore of his one-liners.  If they ditch him, it will definitely continue to be a favorite.   And since this one comes on about 8 times a day on various channels, I tivo them all and always have something to watch while I’m folding laundry.

4. The Office.  Funny as ever.  No show that they try to make following the same format will ever be as successful… I’m sure of it.  Even though they keep on trying.  And it’s followed by Community, which seems funny, but I think it’s too soon to tell. 

And since I’ve started SEWING, I have enjoyed having something to watch and listen to other than the “whhrrrrr” of the machine.  More on the sewing later!

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