A new kind of problem

I have  had a new kind of problem for the past 2 weeks.  One I’ve never had before.  I’ve had to figure out how I want to spend my time.

Did you catch that? I said, “how I WANT to spend my time.” 

Not, “how I have to spend my time.”  Not, “how to work in things I want into my packed schedule.”   Not, “how to do anything when I spend ALL OF MY TIME READING AND WRITING PAPERS.” 

I am loving the fact that my to-do list is not full of things that are all clamoring for the top spot because of a rapidly approaching deadline…. that I can walk into my house, think “those cabinets need to be rearranged,” and actually DO IT….  that I can have impromptu additions to my daily schedule, like lunch with a friend who came in town for the day…..  that I can actually schedule something like “paint my bedroom” or “sewing lesson from mom” into my calendar.

The best part? I can do all of that guilt-free because it’s not a means of procrastination and escaping the 3 papers and 4 books I have due the next day.  

I have somehow gone from having a list of “things that must be done TODAY or there is a consequence”  to “things I’d like to get done today or tomorrow or sometime soon, but if something more important comes up, thats okay.”

This has totally shifted me, for the first time, to being able to spend the majority of my time in Quadrant 2. 

No clue what that is?  Well I’ll tell you.  Later. Because right now I have an impromptu lunch date with a friend who is in town for the day (:  Because I can.


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