food and filters

Still no cruise pics yet, sorry.   But as soon as I get them, I’ll put them up.

I just wrote a really long post and realized at the end of it that no one would really care to read it.  And I don’t think that’s a rare occurrence, actually. I should probably start trying to put them through that type of filter more often, huh?

I’ll sum it up instead:  You should be amazed and astounded by the fact that I have woken up early 3 days in a row to cook breakfast before Nate and I leave the house.  This is a feat of no small proportion.  I NEVER wake up early without being forced, and I never eat breakfast, so the fact that I’m doing both of them simultaneously on a voluntary basis is a miracle.

I’ve decided that I need to go back on the SugarBusters diet completely, because my intolerance to sugar has started flaring up again since I started slacking off a little and ‘cheating’ here and there.   I really want to start cooking healthier meals at night that I can also use to pack Nate healthy lunches during the day…… or rather, that Nate can use to pack his healthy lunch.  

The problem is that this means I have to start scrutinizing over the ingredients list on any package of food.  There are a bunch of buzz words, suffixes, etc, that all scream “HIDDEN SUGARS!!” and will make me start hurting again. This prolongs any shopping trip, let me assure you.

So this week I was a little more deliberate in my grocery shopping, and I came home with some pretty good stuff.  I’ve got several good meals planned, and Nate is taking Spicy Southwestern Chicken Soup for lunch today (I got the ingredients & recipe here.) 

So, I’ve got lots of fresh veggies and fruit, some whole-grain un-enriched pastas, wild whole-grain rices, meat on sale, and a few other things, and I’m going to see what I can do.  So far so good (except for the fact that Nate cringes at anything that says ‘all natural’,’ whole grain’, or ‘organic’).

Maybe I’ll start feeling better, Nate will start studying better, and we’ll both have a little more energy. 

See? And this still ended up being a long rambling post that no one will probably want to read.  Maybe my filter broke.


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