Great…Not so great…

Nate and I are really starting to love being in this new house.  It took me a little while to get used to it, but that was because the way we came about living in this house is a little different than the other houses we’ve been in.

When we were house-hunting in Murfreesboro back in 2003, we looked at lots and lots and LOTS of places.  When we walked into the little house on Lavender Trail, we both looked at each other and said, “this is it.”  We just knew. It had that feeling.  It felt like ours. It was 1100 square feet of perfection, and it will forever be my favorite house.

We moved back to Mississippi in 2005, and we once again did lots of hunting.  When we stepped into the little house on the water in Cobblestone, that same feeling washed over us.  It just fit.

Nate started building houses, and every single one he built was beautiful. I loved them all.  I told him again and again that if we absolutely had to, I would take one for the team and move into one of his houses. I would sacrifice by living in a big beautiful new home, if necessary (:   Little did I know that we would actually be doing that in the near future!   I was thrilled about moving into that house. It was gorgeous and new and spacious with high ceilings and beautiful arches, plus is was something that Nate built himself…  I loved it.  (of course, then I started having to clean that big ol’ thing myself, and it was a different story!)

This time around, things turned out a little differently.  We didn’t go house hunting. We didn’t look at house after house after house and pick the perfect one.  We didn’t have a long list of non-negotiables.  Basically, the requirements for a swap were:  1) in our price range. check. 2) small. check check and triple check. 3) close to either church or school. check. 4) livable. check.  5) room for the pets. check.  6) able to be resold without too much trouble. check…hopefully.  That’s not a long list.

So…all that to say, when we moved into this house, we were excited because of the circumstances, not because of the house itself.  Although, as we’ve gotten in and started unpacking and living here, we’ve suddenly begun to fall in love with this little house.  I mean, it’s not the perfect little house on Lavender Trail…  but this time that’s okay.

In order for you to get a better understanding of the new place, here’s how I’m feeling about some of it.

Great: This house is small, just like we wanted.  Not much to clean.  Not so great: This house is SMALL.

Great: I can vacuum the entire house without ever unplugging the vacuum cleaner. Not so great: I can’t for the life of me figure out where to store the vacuum cleaner.

Great: It takes me less than 5 minutes to get the kitchen from totally wrecked to totally clean. Not so great: That’s because you stand in the middle and can touch the stove, refrigerator, and sink all at the same time.  It’s more like a cubby hole than a kitchen.

Even so, Great: I was able to unpack all of my kitchen stuff despite the minimal cabinet space. Not so great: That was only after I took 2 glass-fronted bookshelves from the office and turned them into a china cabinet in the dining area, then put all of my every day dishes in there….which means I have to walk into the dining room every time I need a dish.  BUT, Great: the house is tiny, so that’s only about a 5 foot distance.

Great: I was able to fit everything into my closet, although I really didn’t think it would ever happen. Not so great: It was only possible after I made a sizeable donation to Goodwill.

Great: The counter space in the master bathroom is bigger than I expected in a house this size. Not so great: It’s blue formica.

Great: I don’t have the spider problem at this place. No more black widows and brown recluses sneaking up on me! Not so great: I traded the spiders in for mosquitoes on steroids. And houseflies.

Great: We have an awesome backyard for the pups- fully shaded, cool, HUGE. Not so great: Nate had to build the fence. Really quick. In the rain.

Great: The house was painted the same colors as our old house… it perfectly matches all of my great artwork! Not so great: There’s not much wall space to hang all my great artwork. 

Great: We’re in a neighborhood that is REALLY friendly- everyone knows their neighbors and hangs out together. Not so great: so do their dogs. Nobody keeps them in fences…which means ours are jealous and bark constantly.

For the most part, we’re really going to enjoy being in this house, I think.  It’s really cozy and homey and welcoming.  My friend Diane, who has only ever seen my last house  (the big one that Nate built)  walked in and said, “This is so much more you.” 

And you know what? I think she’s right!


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