sweet relief…

Finish my masters. check!

Pull off MHC’s first ever VBS successfully. check!

Take a much-needed super-relaxing vacation to the beach.  check!

come back and hit the ground running because I’m moving in 2 weeks… check!

The past week or so has been a good one… I finished up my schoolwork on the 19th and jumped in head-first to the last of the planning for VBS, which was June 29-July 1.  Everything went really smoothely, and I was EXTREMELY thankful for our amazing team of almost 50 volunteers!! Everybody worked really hard and we had a great week.  I’ve got lots of pictures!

As soon as it was over, I threw our stuff in the car and we headed to the beach…. I was exhausted!  My whole family went (minus Janie, who is still in Belgium…or Istanbul, Turkey to be exact. She keeps changing locations on us), plus Nate’s mom and stepdad.  Jane Bradley is finally old enough to really enjoy the beach, and it was really fun playing lots of beach and pool games with her.  Unfortunately, I didnt take a single picture at the beach.  I was so exhausted from everything else that I just decided not to worry about it. 

I also must mention that we found Nate’s new favorite restaurant while we were there… Dad took us to Wolf Bay Lodge for dinner one night, and Nate ate a plate of crab claws as big as our table.   Wolf Bay Lodge might have surpassed Char in the list of Nate’s all-time favorite places to stuff his belly.

We also went to Nate’s dad’s church on Sunday morning in Gulf Shores (he’s the pastor there) so that Nate could update the congregation on what we’ve been doing and what our plans are.  Their church graciously supports us while we’re in seminary, so we try to go there anytime we’re in town on a Sunday.  We also had a great fourth (fifth) of July picnic with them after church!

Monday afternoon we packed our bags and headed back home… begrudgingly.  We jumped right back into a full schedule on Tuesday morning… Nate’s building out the garage at the church office and turning it into a youth room. I’m doing all of my fall planning for Childrens Ministry (we start up again in 4 weeks!!). Plus we’re moving on July 24 to our new house… and I havent really started packing. 

So, like always, we’re back in the whirlwind of life…but it’s a good thing.  I’m not sure what we would do with ourselves if we weren’t always on the move!!


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