the week in review…

This week was a fun one.  I had JB on Monday and Tuesday, and Mom and I kept her together on Thursday…Lacey has been trying to finish up her last several papers for a class she’s in, so I’ve tried to help her out as much as possible by picking up JB and taking her to do some really fun things away from the house.

Monday we went to the Natural Science Museum with my friend Emily and her girls (and the baby). Tuesday we went swimming out at the pool in our neighborhood, and Nate came with us.  Then JB came back and took a bubble bath and helped me cook supper and clean the kitchen.  Boy does that girl love to cook!!  I basically told her what to do and she did it all herself.  She’s going to be a genius in the kitchen if she keeps this up!!  I took her home fed, bathed, pajama’ed, and ready for bed.  Thursday, I took her to a “Fancy Nancy” party at Barnes & Noble… we had so much fun! Lots of little girls all dressed up in their fanciest clothes and accessories, all ready for a “fancy” tea party. She loved it! Then Mom met us there at B&N and we read a few books and headed out to lunch with another friend of ours.  After that, Mom and JB helped me run a few VBS errands… and we discovered that JB is a big fan of Party City and Lifeway.

Friday night we went to the Mississippi Braves game for Lee’s birthday.  It was my first baseball game (ever!), so I didn’t know what to expect.  We sat on blankets and picnic tables in the outfield and had a great time! I think it was because I didnt have to watch a second of the game.  It was nice to get to catch up with lots of people that I havent seen in several weeks.

Tonight I’m babysitting again for my cousins, Luke (3) and Elizabeth (1) while their parents go to dinner and a movie.  For some reason, the past 2 week have been chock-full of babysitting!

The rest of the week was pretty much spent getting ready for VBS.  It starts on Monday morning and I’m hoping that I will be ready!  I have been surprised at how much more planning goes into VBS than I ever thought…especially when you’re starting from scratch!! But we’ve got over 40 volunteers, so I’m EXTREMELY thankful for an awesome team of helpers.

Tomorrow is another busy day- church in the morning followed by some vbs set-up, lunch at Tutu and Papa’s for a belated Father’s Day celebration, back to do more vbs set up, then dinner with friends.  Hopefully I’ll have everything prepared for 8am Monday morning!!

See and download the full gallery on posterous


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