…since I blogged. A MONTH. I’ve never gone that long! And to be honest, I wouldn’t have even realized it had been that long if it weren’t for my grandmother sending me an email telling me either to update the blog or start giving her daily phone calls because she didn’t know what I was doing anymore. I cant believe 4 weeks went by so fast without me even realizing it.

I guess I should fill you in on what has happened since 1 month ago today…

  • Well the first thing I need to acknowledge is that my best friend is PREGNANT.  I still haven’t quite wrapped my brain around that one.  Kelly Anne Maxwell Rice has a tiny little life growing inside her tummy.  The girl I’ve been best friends with since I was 4 years old is about to provide me with yet another child I shall call a niece or nephew despite the fact that it has no blood relation to me whatsoever.  Because I don’t have quite enough children yet that I’m so unnaturally attached to that I sometimes forget they aren’t mine.  In 4 years her kid will be the same age as we were when we made the life-altering choice to be best friends forever.  Weird. and SO EXCITING!
  • The first thing I did when we found out this exciting news was to plan an impromptu trip to Oxford so I could meet the little guy/lady in person, even though it was going to have to be through a tummy wall.  I at least had to say hello and introduce myself face-to-belly. I mean, after 21 years of friendship, it’s the least I could do.  So on May 19th, I hopped in my car after work and drove to Oxford to spend 5 fun-filled hours catching up with Kelly and her fetus. And it was totally worth it.
  • During that same week, Treasure (our 15-yr-old Golden Retriever) developed some crazy red growth hanging out the side of her mouth that looked really creepy and kept getting bigger and bigger.  So we decided to have her checked out. Except that I planned the vet appointment on the same day that I was keeping Jane Bradley for the afternoon.  Let me just tell you, having an almost 3-yr-old helper with you at the vet when you’re trying to wrangle a dog that’s twice as big as she is may not have been the best idea, in hindsight.  Especially when Treasure accidentally bit into her creepy-looking growth in the vet lobby and it started gushing blood all over the floor and JB started saying “ewwwww, NikNik she’s sick!!” again and again and again while doing her best to cram herself into the smallest corner possible away from all of the huge animals in the waiting room.   It was interesting, to say the least.  The good news is that the creepy looking growth was biopsied and was NOT cancer. They snipped it off, doped her up, and sent her home.
  • Also during that same week, Michelle and Channing came home for a few days! I got to meet her precious new baby girl, Hannah Grace, for the first time…and she is adorable!!  I hated the fact that they had to go back to Ohio…. COME BACK TO MISSISSIPPI, MICHELLE!
  • That next Monday morning we got up super early and drove to Chattanooga for the week.  Nate’s older brother got married on the 30th, so their entire family from all over the US came in town.  We spent an entire week hanging out with cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, Grandpa, and lots of kiddos.  It was a blast! We don’t get to see that side of the family that often because they’re all spread out.  The wedding was beautiful, and we were not ready to leave when the week was over.  And I now have a sister-in-law with the same name as me.  What are the odds of two brothers meeting two girls each named Stephanie Nicole and marrying them?  (although she spells her with an ‘f’ instead of a ‘ph.’  So now we have two Stephanie Nicole Bonhams in the world, and they’re in the same family. It’s a good thing she goes by ‘Stef’ or we’d be really confused!
  • That brings us up to last week (June 1-7), which was a little more low-key in the sense that I was at home a little more.  I tried several new recipes (and all were a hit!), and actually kept my house really clean.  I was doing alot of work from home on my virtual class and VBS, but other than that, I stuck to my regular schedule of office hours for both of my jobs.  It doesn’t really sound all that low-key when I say it (or type it) out loud.
  • This past week was about the same, plus several real estate meetings…which I’ll clue you in on in a minute.  Lots of reading, studying, taking exams, office hours for both jobs, and vbs planning.   It sounds crazy, but it was a fairly mild week, which was nice.
  • In the midst of all of these travels and activities, I have taken up Pilates, and I LOVE IT.  It is making my back feel so much better!  I do some workouts that I have found online and I take a class occasionally at the gym, and it has been amazing.  Nate started P90x and was going strong, but then he threw his back out doing some plyometrics (if you do P90x, you know what I mean), so he has taken about a week and a half off.  He starts back (supposedly) tomorrow morning.
  • I have also been busy planning our FIRST VBS for Madison Heights! Let me tell you, I had no idea how much planning and work goes into VBS. It is intense. Even for a 3-day one like ours… but I think part of the reason is because it’s our first one, so we’re having to sort-of lay the foundation for all of the future VBSes to come.  It’s a beast.  Good thing I have an AMAZING vbs chairperson who makes the process so much easier.  She’s a pro, and I’d be lost without her.
  • As for school…. I officially have 1 MORE WEEK of being a graduate student, and I will be done FOREVER. Friday is my deadline, and I can’t wait to be finished!!  I am finishing up my last virtual class, and I will be completely finished.  You know that backyard grilling party I was talking about in lieu of a graduation ceremony? Start plannin’ it, friends, because I’ve made it to the home stretch. I’m almost there!

And for the big news….

We got a contract on our house!! We have been negotiating for about a week now, but last Friday we finally signed a deal to do a house trade.  A really great family with 4 sweet kiddos is moving into our place, and we will be moving into their smaller place.   It works out well because we are really ready and needing to get out of this one, and they are really needing to get out of theres and into something a little bigger.  Since their house fit our needs and our house fit theirs, we’re going to do one of these crazy ‘house swaps’ you hear about on the news.   We are scheduled to move the 3rd week in July, and I can’t wait!! We have been praying for this house to sell for about 2 years, and I’m so glad that the time has finally come.  Now as long as we don’t have a repeat performance of the LAST time we got a contract on this house…..

So that brings you fully up to date in the life of the Bonhams.  Did you catch all that?


One thought on “A WHOLE MONTH…

  1. Well, I definitely feel caught up on the life of the Bonhams! I can\’t believe that KELLY IS PREGNANT!!! That is so wonderful! please be sure to tell her Congratulations for me! I am so excited!

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