I KNEW I left something out!!

The problem with posting a week late is that about a million things fall out of my brain between the time it happens and the time I post about it.  Maybe that’s what happens when you spend 2 and a half years at RTS!! Anything non-RTS related falls right out!

Anyways, because I had a mental leak again, I need to make sure that I mention another part of my birthday week. Tuesday night, we had dinner with the Berrys (well, some of the Berrys) at Outback to celebrate Cinqo de Mayo, and both my birthday and Forrest’s birthday…because we were both special enough to be born on May 4.  What a great day in history! When you combine those 2 birthdays (plus 2 other people I know of), plus Tutu and Pawpaw’s anniversary, its quite the special day.

Anyway, Nate had a big ol slab of ribs, and I had a couple of margaritas with my grilled chicken.  Plus we got time to hang out with Ame, Forrest, and 2 of my cousins that I dont often get the chance to see.  Im so thankful for a family who loves to celebrate with me!


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