I celebrated an ENTIRE week of birthday activities this year.  I think this is the first time I’ve had a birthday week, and now I can see why people do this!!  It kind of happened by accident, though.

Monday was my birthday and I had a big presentation at 8am for my Teaching Practicum class.  No sleeping late this year!  Then, my dad set up a lunch for me and Nate with a missionary couple who serves in the Philippines.  They were only in town for a couple of days, but they were nice enough to spend a few minutes telling us about their ministry.   Then  I went to work for the afternoon, and headed home around 4:30.   We had a low-key evening of filets, margaritas, and a movie (we saw State of Play)… perfect!

Tuesday I had lunch with Diane and Lacey for my birthday.  Wednesday night we went to Bert and Shirley’s for dinner.  Thursday Nate and I rode with my grandmother up to Greenville to see my great-grandmother in the hospital, and spent the whole day visiting with them.  Finally on Thursday night we had dinner at Lacey’s with the whole family to celebrate (we waited for Janie to come home from college).  Friday night Lacey, Janie, Mom and I had a girls movie night.   Sunday the whole extended family got together… (it was actually for Mothers Day, but I just pretended it was still part of my birthday week.  Just kidding. sort of…)

I got lots of great cards and gifts from lots of people that I love very much.  Thank you!

There was one, however, that was extremely special.

Nate told me about a week before my birthday that my gift wouldn’t be here in time for my birthday, but that he promised it would be worth it.  He gave me 3 yes-or-no questions per day that I could ask to try to figure out what it was.  I asked all sorts of questions all week long, but still couldn’t figure it out by the end.  It arrived on Friday, and when I saw it, I immediately burst into tears.  Along with it came a card that said “I told you I read your blog…”

You know what it was?  Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about missing the Philippines?  If you remember it, then you’ll understand why I started crying when he presented me with a big collage of those pictures of the children in the Philippines, blown up and framed to match the rest of the artwork in our house.  Then he hung it in our bedroom so I see it as soon as I wake up every morning.

Of all the gifts I could have thought about or asked for this year, that one is hands down the best one.  I am so blessed to have a husband who knows my heart so well.


2 thoughts on “Birthday…

  1. Sorry our celebration didn’t count! :( I’ll try to do better next year!
    Always love you!

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