Easter 2009 (Part 2)

For Part 1 of our Easter weekend, scroll down or click here.

Easter Sunday started out nice right from the beginning because Nate was able to sleep in!   Since they had done set-up already for the Good Friday Service and left it all up, he didn’t have to be there early.  It’s nice to get som extra sleep every now and then!!

The Easter service was GREAT, but a little jam-packed with things going on!  It was definitely a busy week at MHC.  We had our largest crowd yet (around 300 people) and lots of visitors.  I had happies for all of my kiddos that we handed out during the Children’s Sermon, which is when we call all the kids to the front and they sit on the floor in front of Pastor Hunter.  He gives them a little 5-minute lesson that corresponds with his sermon, but it’s right at their level.   Then they go back and sit with their parents for the rest of the service.   Sometimes we have a little special happy for them as well.   That wasn’t the only surprise during the Children’s Sermon, though!

A real live lamb!
A real live lamb!

We had a lamb brought in for all of the kids to see and pet.  Hunter talked to them about sacrifice in the Old Testament and about Jesus being the Lamb of God.  It was great!

Then our new members joined the church.  There were 20-something of them, I think! You can see the line of them stretched all across the front of the congregation.   It’s always crazy to watch Hunter introduce our new members.  He goes down the line and tells everyone’s names, occupation, original hometown, and children…. all without notes!  When you’re doing that for a group of twenty-something people, its impressive!  He definitely has a knack for remembering details!

Our new members taking their vows
Our new members taking their vows

After that, an entire family was baptized!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of that.  Nate the Intern must have had to go tend to something and had to quit taking pictures.   I always love watching baptisms, especially when it’s a whole family!  Most of the time I can’t help but cry a little (:

After the baptism, the service went back to its normal schedule.  I love hearing the resurrection preached!

Afterwards, Nate did take-down (they have to take down all the chairs, tables, curtains, poles, podium, stage, sound equipment, nursery, etc… it’s a long process!), and I ran to the grocery store and back home to get ready for our big family lunch.  Thankfully, it wasn’t at MY house!  We drove out to my aunt Ame’s for Easter this year.  We had a great lunch with the family, and an egg hunt for the kids.

Elizabeth got a little chilly, so Beth put her sweater on her.  She immediately transformed into Obi-wan Kenobi.



JayJay helped out with the hunting of the eggs.  She might have been missing her childhood a little at this point, because she was more into it than they were. Of course, this was like the 2347th time that the other kids have done it this Easter season…


They started losing interest, so JayJay decided to insert a little drama to get the spark back.


Luke didn’t care about the eggs.  He would rather play in the bushes or on the golf cart.   You know, things boys like.


Not too long after this, we all headed  back to our respective homes to sit on our couches with our fat overstuffed bellies…. because that’s what happens every time our family gets together.  We all act like we won’t get to eat again until the next family gathering, so we’d better stuff ourselves now.  (I for one, regretted it! Tummy ache for the rest of the night!)

At least for the Bonhams, the rest of the afternoon consisted of debating over whether or not we would take a nap.  We didnt, because we didn’t actually turn the TV off in order to go to sleep.  I did, however, introduce Nate to Mary Poppins and Ace of Cakes during what was supposed to be our nap time.  I don’t think he cared for either that much.

Then we decided that since the whole nap thing wasnt going to happen anyway, despite perfect napping weather, we got up and moved into the living room to study. We always turn on something for background noise (usually Fox News) but this time it ended up being The Sound of Music…. a very interesting and weird choice for us.

Especially interesting and weird because Nate knew almost all of the music and sang it at the top of his lungs.  I for one, was SHOCKED.  Stupidcat, on the other hand, was PISSED.

Beware of the glare. It is usually followed by a full-on face attack.  And it was.
Beware of the glare. It is usually followed by a full-on face attack. And it was.

But maybe that was because Nate was singing directly INTO HER EAR.  He kept on going, despite the face-attack he received, until she looked like this:

Stupidcat in a psychotic stupor after having musical tunes sung into her ears at very high decibals.
Stupidcat in a psychotic stupor after having musical tunes sung into her ears at very high decibals.

Her wide-eyed plea for me to GET HER OUT OF THERE!  I didnt.

She immediately got up and angrily stormed out of the room (as much as is possible for her) and into “her” room (the guest room).  She would have slammed the door if she were physically able.

Why don’t teenagers ever appreciate the antics of their parents?  (:

Happy Easter, everybody.  We all enjoyed ours (well, almost all of us)!!


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