Playing house…

For the next 5 days, I get to play “Mama” to a 2 and a half year old… my FAVORITE 2 and a half year old!  Lacey and Brad went to St John for Brad’s continuing education, so Nate and I are keeping JB for awhile.  This will be the longest we’ve ever kept her, and we’re totally up for it!

This afternoon JB and I took the dog for a walk. Well, I took the dog for a walk, she rode her tricycle behind me and collected rocks to put in the “trunk,” which is a little container on the back.  Then she got tired of riding and said “here, NikNik, will you carry my bike?”   After our walk, we came in and colored pictures for her mama and daddy.


Here’s the finished product: a picture of St John (complete with handpring palmtrees!) and a note…


Then we played outside for awhile, and when Nate got home, I made JB some dinner and we sat outside on the porch to eat.   He had to leave for a meeting soon after that, so I cleaned the kitchen while she played…she was so good!  After that it was bath time. She kept talking about things her mama does, like giving her the “rabbit hat” when she gets out of the bathtub.




By the way, that towel with the bunny hoody in the corner is the “rabbit hat,” in case you were wondering.

After bathtime, it was time to get PJs on, read a book, say our prayers, and hit the sack.  At least for one of us… After I put her down, I emailed the pictures to Lacey and Brad so that they could see what we did today.  I thought seeing the picture she drew for them might keep them from missing her too badly tonight.

Now I’m just waiting on Nate to get home so that I can get some reading done — he has my books in his car that I need for my quiz tomorrow morning!  I hope he hurries, because I have an early day tomorrow and don’t want to be up too late. I have to get me and JB up, dressed, fed, ready for school, and out the door by about 7am.  I have enough trouble getting MYSELF ready and anywhere by 8:30, so doing this with a toddler will be interesting!  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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