I dropped off the face of the earth…

…according to most of the people I know.

Sorry about that. I went out of town for a week to a place with no internet (gasp!) and spotty cell phone reception. So basically, I spent a week inside a black hole. But it was a good black hole!

That in itself normally isn’t a problem, except that I forgot to tell everyone that I was leaving. I mean, the family knew, and a few people that I happened to run into before we left, but that’s about it. To all of the people who relate to me via email, facebook, this blog, and my cell phone…. Sorry about that. 

I should have told you… not only because I missed talking to you for a week, but also because I came home and promptly had my head bitten off for disappearing.  It seems that every time I answer the phone, the first thing I hear is “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?”

The answer: Chattanooga. With my in-laws. Getting much-needed rest and relaxation.

Oh well. It’s nice to know I’m loved!


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