Tips, anyone?

So far so good on the goals for this week.  The house has been (somewhat) picked up… at least until Nate came down with the flu.  For some reason there is a direct and positive correlation between sick germs and clutter: The more sick germs in the house, the harder it is to keep the house clean. Why is that??

Anyway, I was doing great at keeping things picked up until yesterday. But I’ll straighten up this afternoon.  I’ve also done well on the Bible-reading and on the whole schoolwork thing.  So, (semi)check, check and check!

So it looks like my weekend will be spent trying to convince Nate that even if he is feeling better, flu & fever = contagious and he really does NOT need to go spreading his germs around to our friends, even if he really REALLY wants to hang out with them tomorrow night. 

I’m tellin’ you, folks, it’s a losing battle with that boy when he’s sick.  All you husbands out there… when you’re sick, just listen to your wives who are trying so hard to take care of you, mmkay?  Because it doesn’t work in my house.  Apparently me raising my voice and putting my foot down and saying “Now, Natey! You get back in that bed!” is cute or something, and has no real affect whatsoever. He just smiles at me and says “you’re such a good little wife,” then goes about his business.  I stand there with my hands on my hips, giving him my best “you’d better listen to me” look (which I’ll admit, isn’t that intimidating). Nothin’.

I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

Hopefully I’ll be more affective with my children.


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