A little accountability…

I’m going to put my goals for the week in writing, because maybe that will motivate me to get them done…and maybe it will motivate YOU to hold me accountable!  So, here’s the plan this week:

  1. Stay in the Word.  I read throughout the week, but often it’s not every day…. and there are lots of days when it’s only for class and not for my own personal study.  I’ve been really convicted of this lately.
  2. Keep the house picked up.  Not spotless, because I have come to realize that it’s just not going to happen.  But I can at least keep it straight. Even if the house isn’t showing right now, having it picked up keeps me a little more sane!
  3. Don’t procrastinate! Get my school work done BEFORE the last minute when I’m stressed out about it.
  4. Make some progress on my papers for my Poets class, because that deadline will sneak up on me in no time if I’m not careful!
  5. Stay on my diet…NO CHEATING. My back is killing me, and I know that’s why.

So those are the goals I have for this week above and beyond my regular schedule and responsibilities.  We’ll see how it goes.  Maybe having it posted for the world to see will make me stick to it!


One thought on “A little accountability…

  1. Have you ever read the One Year Bible? It makes it so easy for me to stay on track with reading! Since starting it, I’ve been more faithful at staying in the Word than ever before…just an idea!!:)

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