Surely something interesting will come out of this…

(Note: I wrote this Monday night but I forgot to publish it.)

I have this urge to blog today but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to talk about.  You would think that those 2 things would go together (you know, wanting to blog and having something to say), but unfortunately its not happening today.

Soooo, as a result, you will not be getting a nice coherant and well put-together post this evening… since that’s what you’re used to gettin’ from me and all.   However, I’ll tell you a few random things and just see where it goes.  I’ve never been one to have trouble talking once I get started.

Since today is Monday, I’m home by myself later than normal.  Nate doesnt get out of class till 8, so I have the evening to myself to get some things done.  Usually “getting some things done” looks something like this: come home around 4:30 or 5pm, find something to eat that takes about .03 seconds to put together and even less time to clean up, pick up the house and do laundry while I’m halfway watching a TIVOed Law & Order SVU, (sometimes) go work out or walk/jog in the neighborhood, and start working on my weekly reading assignment for my Systematic Theology 3 class, which I’m quizzed on every Thursday morning at 8:15am.

Speaking of those quizzes, they’re totally kicking my tail every week.  I’m not sure why, but it seems like I have absolutely no reading retention this semester.  I am reading every bit of the material and even taking notes on it, but it’s not sticking!! I think I have reached the point of information overload.  I’m frustrated that my grade in this class will most likely not reflect the work that I’ve put into it, but I’m enjoying and learning alot from the lectures, so I’m just going to count that as a blessing and just continue trucking through the semester.

Speaking of trucking, I was reminded today of my old parrot, Polly, that used to say “Let’s go truckin’!” She also used to say “Shut up, Nikki,” but that’s beside the point. 

Totally unrelated to the quizzes and the parrot, but I just looked down at my fingernails and realized that I hadn’t told you yet.  **Kathy and Jody, y’all should be particularly proud of me for this one**     THEY’RE REALLY LONG! I mean superlong.  I even got to the point about a week ago  where I was having trouble typing and I had to cut them down. If you don’t understand why this is such a monumental piece of information, let me tell you:  my new years resolution EVERY YEAR since I was about 5 was to stop biting my nails. I never even made it to January 2. Ever. For the first time in my life, I have beautiful fingernails and I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF.  I have spent 20 years working at this, and I finally made some progress.  Anything’s possible, people.

I also got off of my Diet Cokes at the same time that I quit biting my nails. I have been without any Diet Coke since Dec 6 (except for 2 times when I had a few sips of one bc it was the only thing available. but that’s all).  Obviously, I am just the picture of newfound self-discipline…

…except for the fact that I’ve been sick to my stomach for almost 2 weeks now, and I have traced it back to the fact that I’m cheating on my diet.  Subtract a point in the self-discipline column for that one.  I dont have a problem staying away from the sugar, its the starchy carbohydrates  that are killing me (white bread, white rice, white pasta, potatoes).  Too many places don’t have wheat bread or pasta, so I end up saying “just this one wont hurt.”  Except when you do it for 2 weeks, it hurts.  Literally. It’s not as bad as the sugar pain, but its significant enough for me to want to go back to the diet.

Maybe cooking at home more often, eating at regular mealtimes, and planning out my meals a little better would help.  Unfortunately, none of those options are very compatible with my current lifestyle/schedule.  MAY 15, PLEASE HURRY.

And on that note, I’ll let you go.


2 thoughts on “Surely something interesting will come out of this…

  1. Yes, I am very, very proud of you with your nails and am very jealous about your self discipline. Please rub off on me!
    Love you, very much, your mother-in-law, Kathy

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