I’ve totally slacked off with blogging…sorry.  Actually, I havent really slacked, I’ve just chosen to do some other things that needed to be done instead.  I made it my New Years resolution to work on being disciplined and organized (more on that later), and part of that means choosing the pressing things over the not-so-pressing things…like updating the blog.

Anyway, here’s a brief rundown of what’s going on lately…

  • We spent the week between Christmas and New Years in Pennsylvania, like we usually do. It was great! There were 2 new babies in the family that we hadnt met yet, and we got to spend lots of time catching up with family that we hardly ever get to see.  Nate watched lots of football and studied lots of Hebrew, and I read several books and caught up on my sleep.  We also spent a day antique-shopping in Gettysburg, and it was great.   Nate drove just the two of us up there, and we parked and went walking in the downtown area, browsed the shops on the square, ate in a little local cafe, and just spent the day walking around a cute city holding hands.  It was nice.  We got back from Pennyslvania on the 2nd.
  • We found out the night we came home that the deal on our house (the one we’re selling here in Gluckstadt) is officially dead.  The woman who was buying it had financing issues and was scammed by a mortgage company, supposedly.  Anyway, she can’t purchase it, so we’re back at square one.  We’re not moving to Clinton until this house sells, so we’re just going to have to hope that the house we have picked out in Clinton is still available when we’re ready to move.  I have unpacked my house (as much as I’m going to, at least) and gotten it ready to show again. It’s nice and clean (finally!!), and it’s not hard to keep it that way when almost everything we own is boxed up in the garage!
  • Long story, but when we came back from the Philippines, our cable and power were out (all a result of the utility companies thinking we moved when we didnt)…  So we had to get everything reconnected.  The worst was coming home to a refrigerator that had been off for 2 weeks. Gross.  But we had to get the cable turned back on as well.  The company hasn’t realized yet that they accidentally gave us a premium package while they’re still charging us for the old bare bones package.  I decided to take advantage of all of the Law and Order:SVU that I get now, and Nate has been soaking in the Fox News. It wont be long until they turn it off, I’m sure!
  • Nate is currently taking Hebrew 2, which is a 3-week intensive class that takes place during January before school starts. I’m enjoying a break until regular classes begin at the end of the month while Nate studies his hiney off for daily Hebrew quizzes.  Although I’m not taking any actual classes, I am taking a virtual class right now, so I’ve been trucking ahead with that during my break.
  • I’m missing the Philippines. Alot. A whole lot.  The Scotts (team leaders) moved back there this week after about a year of support-raising in the States, and I wanted to go back with them so bad!

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