Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today was a slower day, which was good since Nate had been so sick.  Manny’s nephew was driving us today because Manny had something going on with his business.  He picked us up around 9 or so, and we headed to Manila to visit the Mall of Asia.


It’s the 2nd biggest mall in the world, I think, and I’ve never seen something so enormous.  I have no idea if we covered the whole thing or not, because the setup for it was extremely confusing.  We got so lost! But there were TONS of stores I’ve never seen before, and lots of restaurants.  We walked around for a long time, got totally lost, ate lunch, and met Arnold (Manny’s nephew) back at 2pm.

Unfortunately, I had left my memory card in my computer when I was uploading pics the day before, so I wasnt able to take any pictures of the mall. 

After we got back home, Nate had to find a business center so that he could print, sign, and fax some documents back to the States for work.  I stayed back at the house while he went searching, and when he got back we decided to watch another movie. 

This time we watched Tears in the Sun, which was a great movie but really REALLY heavy.  It was about civil war in Africa, and it showed alot of killing and abuse and torture.  When we were finished, I told Nate that I really needed to watch something funny becuase I didnt want to go to sleep with those images in my head…so I went digging in the DVD cabinet, but the only non-dramatic movie I could find was New York Minute with the Olsen twins.

We were desperate, so we watched it.  Don’t make fun of me!!


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