Thursday, December 11, 2008

 This morning we changed our plans around a little in order to go visit ABP1, the older girls home. We were doing the same type thing as yesterday, only with girls age 12-17 or so. Sandra, Cindy (translator/helper) and Danny (driver) arrived around 8:30am to pick us up, and we headed out. This home is a good bit further away than the rest, so it took us awhile to get there, maybe an hour or so. We did a similar program with them as we had done with the younger girls, with singing, the Christmas story, and a game.

 We found out that morning that Pastor Marcelo would be teaching a class at Presbyterian Reformed Seminary (PTS) in the afternoon, and he invited us to go along and listen in. We left the ABP around noon in order to grab some lunch and make it back to the office around 1:30. We found out pretty quick that there is no way to accurately predict how long it will take you to get ANYWHERE! What took us 1 hour on the way there took us 2 and a half on the way back!! Traffic in the Philippines is TERRIBLE. For all you Jacksonians reading this, it’s like being on County Line Road during rush hour at Christmas. Except it’s like that all the time, no matter what time of day.

We finally made it to the office in time to meet Pastor Marcelo, but we almost made him late for his class. We arrived at PTS in time to leave a message with the President that we were there and head to the classroom. He was teaching a class on Homiletics, and we sat in on about 20 minutes of it before someone from the President’s office arrived to let us know that he was ready to meet with us. We ended up sitting in his office with him for about an hour and a half talking about the seminary and his vision for its future. He also told us that, surprisingly enough, one of my professors had been there to visit him yesterday! We were so excited to get some one-on-one time with him, because both of us would really like to be involved with PTS in the future. The president seemed really excited about the fact that we might be coming on board with the MTW team in the next few years, and he said he was interested in us being able to help teach a little since we will have degrees from RTS. I was surprised to hear that they have a big Christian Education department here that they are trying to expand. 

After we finished at the seminary, we came home at about 5:30pm and decided we’d take a quick nap, then head out to see some of the Philippine nightlife that we’ve heard so much about. We set Nate’s watch as an alarm clock and went to sleep, but we didn’t realize that the 3 fans we have in our room plus the air conditioner meant that we wouldn’t be able to hear it! Of course, we slept right on through it until the next morning.


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