They weren’t kidding….

…about the heat. We stepped out of Manila airport and were immediately punched in the gut with about 4000% humidity, and I haven’t stopped sweating since. It’s not actually that hot necessarily, but its hot enough for the humidity in the air to make it really sticky and muggy. I think whoever told me that there was a constant Pacific breeze was mistaken. The air is STILL. Completely. Combine that with no air conditioners, and you’ve got quite a situation.

Well, there are air conditioners, but they’re window units in the bedrooms that you only run at night. And I don’t think ours works. We have 2 huge oscillating fans in the bedroom along with the window unit, and its still not cooling down. Someone mentioned that the unit in that room might be broken, and I think they were right. We might move upstairs to another bedroom tonight and see if it works better.

All of this leads to a few unexpected side effects. For example, my makeup melts off my face before I finish applying it. There’s really no point in wearing it at all. I think I’ll quit. And I have the craziest hair you’ve ever seen. I’ve never been one to be affected much by humidity, but apparently extreme humidity is another story. I can’t even begin to control it or wrangle it down into something remotely normal. Its poofy and wild. Today I’m going with a bun.

I told Nate that I can totally understand the stereotype of missionary women with no makeup and their hair in buns. 2 days in the Philippines and I turned into one!!

Other than the humidity, we haven’t really run into anything even close to unpleasant. The people here are wonderful. They are so nice and welcoming. Everywhere we go, people are always greeting us and telling us hello. It’s kind of like being down South (:

Our house is beyond what I had expected. It’s beautiful, and much more than we could want or need. The colors are all beachy – light blues, greens, pinks – I feel like I’m in a condo down in gulf shores! The neighborhood is one of the wealthier areas of Manila, so its very safe. Even as one of the more affluent neighborhoods, though, its nowhere near what you would expect in the States. I’ll try to walk around the neighborhood and takes some pictures.

We’re about a block away from a busy area of town. There’s a grocery store and a mall across the street from the entrance to the subdivision. There’s also a gas station with a little cafe area thats open 24 hours and has free internet access. We try to get by there at least once a day to check our email.

We also haven’t had hardly any jet lag at all. The plane rides were uneventful, although the last one was a little uncomfortable…but it was only for 5 hours. We got here and immediately went to sleep and were able to wake up bright and early the next morning on schedule. Last night we started to feel it a little, so we went to sleep as soon as we got back to the house (around 7:30). We got plenty of sleep and are back on track today.

For the most part, everything has been absolutely wonderful and there haven’t been any enormous surprises that we can’t handle…so far. We haven’t run into anything that we wouldn’t be able to adjust to if/when we come here long-term. And yes, I think I could even handle the humidity if I lived with it every day!


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