The Housing Crisis

again, not the national one.

And actually, it’s not so much of a crisis anymore.

We have 2 solid contracts on Nate’s last 2 houses, due to close the first week of December. Hopefully December 1st. Appraisals, inspections, and all of the other last minute details are under way. We also have a contract on a house in Clinton that we love. The negotiations finally worked out, and I think everyone is happy with it.  We just have to wait on an appraisal and inspection for that one, too. 

As for the packing of the boxes, we’re getting there.  Kelly came over the weekend, like I said, and the Hutchings are coming this weekend. I have a feeling that Diane “Martha Stewart” Hutchings can get the job done.  Anyone who claps their hands and says “I LOVE TO PACK BOXES!” scares me a little. But in a good way (: (Love you, Diane!)

I’m doing as much packing and cleaning in the evenings as I can, while still somehow finding time to get some of my projects done.  I’m really hoping that if I just continue managing my time well, this whole situation will go by peacefully and stresslessly. Slim chance, I know, but I can dream, can’t I??

All I know is that in 19 days when I board the plane for the Philippines, I am going to be finished with the semester, moved into a new house, and no longer the owner of a big fat bank loan for 2 big houses for Nate’s company (actually, he’s the owner of those, but I’m married to him). We will be done with building, done with the fall 2008 semester, and done with moving. AND IT WILL BE GREAT.

I have a feeling that 19 days is going to come quicker than I realize.


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