Sundays at the Theatre

There are six Sundays each year when we can’t meet at St Joes for church, because the school has something going on  (Such is life as a church plant without a building).  On those weeks, we head over to the Malco Grandview movie theatre and have chuch there. Although it feels weird watching the pastor preach in front of the big screen, and the little kids risk getting folded up in the chairs because they dont weigh enough to keep them down, I like going to the theatre for church. Mainly because my husband is in charge of set up and take down at Madison Heights, and it takes alot of work off of him when we don’t have to transform a gymnasium into a sanctuary. Most sunday mornings he has to be at the church office to pick up trailers at 6:30am.  On theatre sundays, he doesnt have to show up until 8.

We also don’t have Sunday School on theatre sundays, because there arent any classrooms there.  We use the Party Rooms for the nursery, so there’s nowhere else to divide the kids and adults up for their classes.  Not having to set up for the various childrens sunday school classes takes lots of work off of me, because that’s part of my job.  (Not that my setup duties are anything compared to Nate’s!) 

Since we don’t have Sunday School, we get to start the takedown process at 10:45 instead of 11:45. And it only takes a few minutes instead of 45. 

Considering all that has gone on in our lives in the past week and the craziness coming up for the next 3,  you can see why Nate and I were extremely thankful for a theatre Sunday this week!


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