Camping and Campaigning

 thought I’d take a few minutes to show you some pictures from last weekend. Because I know you were DYING to know what I did last weekend, just like you were DYING to know what Kelly did last weekend….down to the very last detail. But because I love you and I want to satisfy your insatiable curiosity about my exciting life, I’ll share with you.

Friday night, Diane REALLY wanted to camp out in my backyard. In tents. In my backyard.  I was totally up for it, but Nate wasn’t quite on board.  His comment? “I’m not sleeping in a tent when my bed is on the other side of the wall.” Good point, Natey.  So we compromised. She brought over the firepit, we scrounged up some firewood from the empty lot next door, and we sat in the backyard with a bonfire and made home-made smores. YUM. (well, I’m assuming they were good…with all of my sugar issues, I didnt partake in the eating of the smores.)















  The next night was another funfilled night with the Hutchings, this time at Lacey’s first annual Costume Karaoke Party. We decided to go as the McCains and Palins, since Lee has a killer McCain impression, Nate can do a home-grown gotee and has a snowsuit, I have brown hair and glasses, and Diane is tall and classy. Perfect fit!

^on the way to the party, we stopped by to see McCain’s biggest supporters! We love Bert and Shirley!



  ^ The McCains and Palins performing the YMCA, Karaoke style. Notice that McCain can’t raise his arms above his head…thats from when he was a prisoner of war.

^And our hosts for the evening: Lacey, Brad, and Jane Bradley (Ariel with her fins hiked up a little too high…)

Such a fun night!





One thought on “Camping and Campaigning

  1. Everybody deserves to know what you are doing, although I would rather know what you are doing because I was right there with you. I don’t like our long distance relationship.

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