Kreativ Blogger

   Guess what? I won a blogger award! Kind of… EmG awarded me with it. Thanks, EmG!  Although I know I’m not as creative as you are!

Well, the rules are that I’m supposed to tell you 6 things about myself, and then pass the award on to 6 other bloggers who I think qualify as Kreativ Bloggers. Hmmm… Are you Kreativ? I dont know… tough decision…

Anyway, here are my 6 things:

1. My favorite show when I was little was the one about the guy who sat in the middle of a clearing in the woods with his guitar and sang songs and told stories and talked about animals… I cant remember the name of the show. But the opening of it always showed him climbing through a log or something to get there, then he would pull out his guitar and strum a little and sing. I guess I always knew I had a little bit of a hippy at heart!

2. The greatest meal I ever had was the one served at our rehearsal dinner.  And for those of you who were there, I know you’re going to make fun of me for this, just like you did that night!  We decided to serve a buffet-style meal featuring all of our favorite dishes, whether they went together or not.  So there was a big table full of Nate’s favorite foods (with the largest selections being shrimp and chocolate and some type of chicken dish), and my table which had my ALL TIME FAVORITE DISH: hotdogs, baked beans, and pineapples.  Yes, that’s all one dish. AND ITS AWESOME. There were also things like mashed potatoes and cheesecake and something with peanut butter and such.  We figured it was OUR WEDDING and we could call the shots. So we did. And IT TOTALLY ROCKED because it fit us so perfectly.  Although it was the most random meal you could imagine. And I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

3. One of my favorite things is to see Nate’s expression whenever he sees me unexpectedly across a crowded room.  Whether it’s when I come in to church on Sunday mornings and he realizes I’m there, if he sees me somewhere on campus at RTS, if we’re meeting for dinner at a restaurant, or any other occasion where he suddenly sees me amidst alot of people.  There’s this expression he gets the second he sees me, and it is priceless.  It makes my heart go thump-thump-thump really fast (:

4. One of my favorite pieces of childhood memorabilia is the Christmas stocking with my name on it that always hangs at my grandparents house on their mantel.  It is old, worn out, and faded, and you can hardly read the name anymore, but it is something that I will always cherish because it has so many memories behind it.  Lacey’s the same way.  We got to Tutu and Papa’s house one Christmas several years ago, and there were all new, matching stockings hanging up for the entire family (like 18 of us or something).  Lacey and I just about had strokes, and none of the festivities could continue until our old, tattered, faded stockings with our names on them were hung back up.  We love them, and they remind us of Christmas as little girls.  And I always love old things with personal history over new thing with no story!

5. I absolutely LOVE reading the month-to-month letters that some people write to their children and post on their blogs.  For example, Haley Rice Wachdorf does this for Kate, and Kelly Valeri (I dont actually know her, I just read her  blog and have been for 3 years) does this for Alli…although there are lots more out there, some with kids that are teenagers and have been getting monthly letters their entire lives! I think it’s an awesome way to remember the little things about life with your children while they’re growing up, and it’s a great way for your child to gain insight into what it was like to be his or her parent!! This something I really want to do for my kids (whenever they begin to exist).

6. I have a sleep process. And once it has begun, I cannot be disturbed or I have to completely start over. It takes me a good hour, at least, to get from lying down in the bed to completely asleep. Plus I take medicine. The worst is when I’m about 45 minutes in and something happens….like Stupidcat walking on my head, one of the dogs going crazy in the yard, Nate starts snoring loudly…  The process is ruined and I have to begin again at square 1.   You can see why I treasure my sleep…  Nate’s process, on the other hand, takes all of about 1.7 minutes from start to finish.   My only saving grace in this comparison is that I can sleep through a nuclear blast once the process is complete, and Nate wakes up if the wind blows through a blade of grass. The moral of this story? DONT INTERRUPT THE PROCESS.

Okay, friends, I’m going to pass this award on to these lucky people:

*Roomie Daisymae Hobag (Kelly) because she’s possibly the funniest blogger EVER.

*Buttcrack (Megan) because her blog is so creative and fancy schmancy and teacher-y and cute.

*Nikki Sawyers, because when she actually DOES write (lately she’s been slackin’) it’s hilariously witty and brilliant.

*Kim Hill,  because that girl just cracks me up because she’s so REAL.

*Michelle, because shes new to the blogging world and I’m pretty dang sure she’s going to get all creative and cutesy on us once she finally figures out how to work her blog.

*Amanda, because I laugh just as hard at her blog as I do when I see her in person.


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