This week is supercrazy. SUPERCRAZY.  yep, it needs caps.

We’ve got something going on every single night. 

MONDAY: Nate had class till 9, and I had dinner with the Hutchings. Then I cleaned the house bc it’s being shown today.  

TUESDAY:  we’re cleaning Nate’s TurtleRidge house, bc it’s closing on Friday (hopefully!).  I’m really hoping he gets it all finished before I get off work/class though, because I could REALLY use the night for childrens ministry and schoolwork, bc I’m behind in both. 

WEDNESDAY:  I’m working on the gifts for the conference we’re putting on ths weekend (printing custom stationary! so cute), and I’m having dinner with Michelle (SHE’S IN TOWN! WOOHOO!). And Nate has a deacon meeting. And I’m throwing a bowling party for the kids at church that I can’t even go to bc I’ll be in class. Why do I have to miss the fun parties??

THURSDAY: we’re hosting the RTS contributor banquet. I’m not really sure what that is, but we were asked to be hosts…which basically means trying to make RTS look good.  And Nate’s big hebrew midterm is the next morning, so he’ll have to work out some studying in there somehow.

FRIDAY:  we’ve got dinner with the Marshalls and Hutchings (the one relaxing night I’ll have!)

SATURDAY: all day I’ve got the POPC Special Needs Seminar, then Saturday night we’ve got the teacher equipping conference for MHC.

SUNDAY:  church, lunch with the conference speaker, immediately followed by another lunch with the Scotts, church again, then LEAVING FOR THE BEACH.

…Oh yeah and I have work and 7 classes that fall in there somewhere.


Hey, but I’d say I’m handing it well!


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