2 New Things.

Yesterday my superawesomefabulous big sister bought me these:

They are Sperry Topsiders, and they are fabulous.  Wanna know why? Because they have GREAT support and they make my back feel all nice and normal. plus they look cute with jeans. 

Today I got a new phone, and it looks like this:

Also fabulous. Wanna know why? Because it’s RED. And that’s all that matters.

My old phone woke me up in the middle of the night making crazy noises. The screen said “The battery you have inserted is not a Kyocera battery and is incompatible. Please insert a Kyocera battery.”  Except that it WAS a Kyocera battery.  It made crazy noises all day yesterday even when it was on silent, and it would say it was charging when it wasnt.  I tried to charge it last night and realized that the end of the charger was corroded and so was the port. So I opened the back of the phone and nasty brown water came out. HOW DID IT GET IN THERE? I dont know. But it died last night and there was no saving it.

So today I took advantage of my early upgrade option at Cellular South and got a new (read: CHEAP) phone.  Phone calls, Voicemail, and Text. That’s all it’s got, and that’s all I need. So I’m happy. AND IT’S RED. 


I’m a happy girl.

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