Top 10 Reasons Hurricane Season is Alot Like Christmas…

You might have already seen this, but I thought it was funny.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Hurricane Season is Like Christmas:

10.  You get to decorate your house! (although you’re putting boards on your windows instead of wreaths…)

9.    You have to drag out boxes full of stuff that hasnt been used since last season (like your camping gear, generator, flash lights…)

8.    You inevitably spend time doing last minute shopping at chaotic, overcrowded stores.

7.    All of your regular TV shows are pre-empted for “Specials.”

6.   You have lots of friends who come to stay with you. (“you’re sleeping on the floor tonight, Junior… Your aunt Cindy had to evacuate.”)

5.   You have lots of friends and family from out of state calling, who you havent heard from all year, just to check in.

4.   You buy tons of food you don’t normally buy, and in really large quantities.

3.   You get at least a few days off of work.

2.   There are candles everywhere!

And the number one reason why Hurrican Season is alot like Christmas…

1.   You know that at some point, you’re going to have a tree in your house!  


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