Labor/Gustav Day 2008

Nate and I spent the weekend semi-hunkered down for Gustav. I was mainly hunkered down out of necessity because I am a total slacker (like always) and was running headfirst into the deadline for my Systematic Theology 1 class.  You know, the one I took in July and had 6 weeks to do all the work for? 6 weeks goes by fast.

They gave us until this morning to turn it all in.  2 extra days. (mainly because the campus was closed all weekend for the holiday, and because the due dated happened to fall on a Sunday. Not so much out of the kindness of their hearts…  but I’m still thankful!)  Considering it was thursday and I still had half of my reading to do (around 600 pages), 5 precis to write, and a final to take, I knew I had a big weekend ahead of me. Sending a hurricane to cancel all fun outdoor Labor Day activities was God’s way of saying “GET TO WORK, NIKKI!”

So I did.  All day friday, saturday, sunday, and monday.

Although I did manage to work a couple of fun things into the weekend. Like a ROOMMATE DINNER! Kelly and Aaron came into town on their way to the Republican National Convention, so we got to hang out Saturday night for the first time in FOREVER. Man, i miss that girl!

Sunday night I had dinner with the Confederate Union, aka “the clique,” aka “the group,” aka THE BEST FOOD EVER. You know, with my  new gourmet chef friend that I told you about. Well the menu for Sunday night was breakfast. Specifically, banana pancakes. YUM.

On the way home, we stopped by a hurricane evacuee shelter and asked if they needed any help. They needed some people for the night shift, so Nate signed up for 2am – 8am.  I pulled an all-nighter studying and reading since he was gone, and got all of my reading finished for the ST class by 5:30am.  Then I crashed. When Nate came in at 8:30am, he crashed. We both slept till lunchtime.

Except for those 2 outings for dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights, I spent about 8 hours each day hard at work for class. You would have been impressed.

Good weekend for a hurricane. Although I’m totally convinced that the reason why we didn’t see much of Gustav is because he was too busy making landfall ON MY FACE. Seriously. Maybe it’s the stress of school, but I have decided to invest in the stock of Neutrogena green concealer. SO in case you’re wondering, Gustav isnt circling Louisiana, he’s circling my chin.

I know, sick. Moving on….

Here’s what the rest of the family did:

Stupidcat chased around this little wad of paper ALL DAY LONG. Seriously. All day. Bout drove us crazy with it.

Then she got it stuck behind the curtains and ’bout drove HERSELF crazy with it.  She went into slight panic mode.

Annabeth was pretty bored. She did this all day long, in various locations:

As did Treasure. Although she would occasionally get up and walk directly into the coffee table. She’s getting old, give her a break.

Although she did decide to take some time to help me study. This is where I sat all day long. ALL DAY LONG.

Leia, on the other hand, doesnt handle storms well. She basically paced around the living room for the entire weekend. It was hard to get a picture of her because she was always  on the move.  You can tell by looking at her face that she’s experiencing a tiny bit of anxiety.

She calmed down some once she decided to hide under Nate’s desk while he worked on Hebrew. Annabeth decided she’d get in on the action, too.

See? Much better under here.

That’s just how the pups are… a little skittish in the storms. (except for treasure, who is getting so old she doesnt hear the storm anymore. she’s just glad to come inside) They just have a little trouble relaxing and sleeping when the weather is bad.

Good thing Stupidcat doesnt have that problem.

Hope your Labor Day was more like Stupidcat’s than Leia’s.


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