My new purse Bible…

No, I’m not talking about a Bible that converts to a purse, or vice versa. I’m NOT talking about this:

 …although if any of you have one of those Bible covers masquerading around as a purse, I’m not knocking them… they’re just not for me.  I’m a bag lady, remember? A purse/bible cover combo would NOT work for me, because I have to have something at least this large:

Seriously. (ps…that little caption in yellow says “I bet Mary-Kate’s in there.” Ha!)

In case you were wondering what I carry around in my huge bag all the time, you can be assured that usually I have a Bible in there… I call it my “purse Bible,” because that’s what it is.  But, in order to also have room for my wallet, makeup, camera, umbrella, sweater, journal, book, pen case, planner and snack, I have to keep it kind of small.

I spent awhile looking for a compact ESV Bible several years back, but it was before Crossway started reading my mind and publishing them. When I finally found one, it was at a little bookstore in Pennsylvania that was closing down and having a clearance sale to get rid of the merchandise. They had one little ESV Bible left (in addition to Nate’s leatherbound Spirit of the Reformation Bible, which he got for a STEAL at like $12), and I snatched it up for fear that I’d never see one again EVER. I mean who ever heard of a 4×6-inch Bible?? Once again, this was before Crossway started its mass little-bitty-Bible gig.

Because it was the only one there and I was convinced that I had to act NOW OR NEVER, I overlooked the fact that it had 6.2-point type size and was bright green with neon glow-in-the-dark spots on it and called the TruGlo Bible (and yes, it really does glow in the dark. i can’t leave it on my bedside table at night because its too bright). Every time I pulled it out, someone would say “Is that your Bible? Its, um… cool.” or something equally complimentary.

But the TruGlo glow-in-the-dark neon green polka-dot Bible got lots of use out of it, especially when I started seminary.  With a bag brimming full of binders and theology books, a small Bible was a must.  So I used it constantly and classified it as a “conversation starter.” Which it was.

Then the back started falling off, which really isnt that surprising, considering the amount of use it got and the fact that it was constantly getting banged around in my purse, which is a dangerous place. I was going to just superglue it back, but then last sunday I let one of the kids borrow it, and I never saw it again. I have a feeling that it will be permanently backless when and if it comes back to me.

All this to say….. this gave me a reason to go by another purse Bible! When I was in Books-a-Million the other day, I saw one that I had never seen before and knew immediately that I HAD TO HAVE IT.  It called my name. It looked like MY HOUSE, for goodness sake! All my colors, my type of fabric on the front, 4×6-inches with 6.2-point type size (which I’m used to by now and is probably half the reason for my bad eyesight).

I mean seriously… take a look at it, folks.

Doesnt that look like my house? Or at least the pillows on my couch? I think it’s lovely (then again, I also think my couch pillows are lovely). I am a red+earthtones kind of girl.

Obviously, Crossway is reading my mind again.


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