4 years and counting…

Yesterday Nate and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.  Although, it kinda seems like we should have been celebrating our 10th or something. It seems like longer than four years. But in a good way.

We started out the day with him kissing me goodbye while I was still asleep – isnt that the best way to begin an anniversary??  He had an early morning class, and I slept in a little, because my morning class was cancelled.  I met him for a free lunch on campus after convocation, then headed off to class.  After class, I went straight to a meeting for church, and he met me there. As soon as the meeting ended, we headed off to actually celebrate with dinner at Bravo.

The dinner was excellent, but the martinis were better!  There was a huge vase of gorgeous flowers on the table for me with a note that said “to my sweetheart, love Nate.” After dinner, he filled my car up with gas for me (hey, to me that’s sweet!!) and we headed home.

Unfortunately, the next part of the evening wasnt too exciting… it consisted of me teaching Nate the Hebrew alphabet (along with the final forms, begadkephat letters, and gutterals) for his test this morning.  He made fun of me the entire time because I make up lots of crazy mnemonic devices in order to remember things. He said “you’d think that after 4 years, I’d know how your mind works.  But you’re proving to me right now that its much crazier than I ever thought!”  Ha… he has no idea.  He can make fun of me all he wants, but when he makes a 100 on his test today, he’ll be thanking me for my crazy word-plays and memory tools!!  I even made him a sample test and gave it to him, and he aced it.  He’ll do great today.  Apparently my semester of Hebrew is turning out to be worth it… even though everyone harrassed me for it!!

Anyway. The anniversary was great.  It was nice to take a little time out of the day and just spend it enjoying each other in the midst of our crazy schedules.  This semester and next are going to be difficult ones because of our work loads (I’m taking 7 classes, Nate is taking 6, but 2 of his are languages).

We’ve had a great four years, and the honeymoon still isnt over (:

^ Hebrew


2 thoughts on “4 years and counting…

  1. Congratulations, you don’t have but 46 before you catch up with me and PawPaw. We are so proud of yall. Love Tutu

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