Reunited and it feels so good…

So I have these two new girlfriends. They have husbands who are Nates 2 new guyfriends. Therefore we are 3 couples who hang out alot now. The guys are in Nate’s Greek class, and that’s how we all met.  But that’s beside the point.  These are the girls:

The top picture is Diane, the bottom one is Kiki.

These two girls have given me information that has changed my life as I know it. CHANGED IT, I tell you. They have told me about a website called Hulu that has revolutionized the way I watch tv. REVOLUTIONIZED IT, I tell you.

Let me tell you about Hulu.  It’s a website that lets you watch free, high-quality streaming of tv shows and movies without downloading them.  The great part about it is that theyve got lots of shows that arent on the air anymore. And you can watch them. For free.


It means that my old friends and I are reunited. (reunited and it feels so good…we both are so excited cause we’re reunited hey hey!)  And by “old friends” I mean Bobby Donnel, Eugene Young, Lindsey Dole, Eleanor Frutt, and Jimmy Berlutti. Wanna see a picture?

Oh, friends, I have missed you so.  But now, thanks to Hulu, I can hang out with you every night while I fold laundry, sort socks, work on curriculum, or play on facebook.  I cannot hang out with you while I study, however, because I dont actually get any studying done when you’re around. But since we both know that now, we can work around it, right?

Hulu, you rock my face off.  And Diane and Kiki, yall rock my face off also, merely through association.


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