I really should start taking before pics

Okay, people.  Ive discovered that taking pictures of my progress and posting them for the world to see is a good incentive to keep it that way.  And also because people are asking me what else I’m doing around the house while I’m on this rampage, and that theyve been “inspired.”  So you want to see more pics? I’ll show you more pics. I’m here to please, ladies and gentlemen.

First off, I cleaned out my pantry. It needed it BAD. Real bad. Or really badly. I do have an english degree, after all, I guess I should put it to some use.  Anyway, here’s what it looks like after its fancy-schmancy makeover.

Next I’ll show you the fridge. But first, let me tell you that I went to the store Thursday and bought everything I’ll need for the next week or so. Then I came home, washed everything, chopped it according to the recipes I’m using, and stored them in containers. BECAUSE I’M FREAKIN’ DOMESTIC, YALL. And also because Nate was out with some guys and I was looking for something to do other than read. Then I decided that all of my pretty little chopped-up produce in pretty little containers should be displayed in a lovely clean fridge. So I got to work on that too.  And also because Nate still wasnt home yet. But here’s what it looks like now.

I have more pics for you, but for some reason Squarespace is being fidgety today. So that’s all you’ll get, I guess. I would show you the inside of the drawers and the freezer, but I guess we’ll have to save it for another day. 

The next question is “How long will it last?”



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