Works For Me Wednesday!

WFMW is finally back! It’s about time I jumped back on the bandwagon.  (It seems I’m always jumping on and off bandwagons around here. Is that normal?)

Well this week’s tip is one that is working GREAT for me.  I’m in the midst of my simplifying, you know, and one of the things I’m REALLY trying to do is keep from buying things I dont need, especially when I’m only buying it because I’m not sure if I’m out or not… so just in case, I’ll pick some up.  I end up with lots of extras of things lying around the house.  Between that and my constant rampage to organize things lately, I decided that I needed a new system for my cleaning supplies.

Once again, I have no before picture. But trust me when I say that the cabinets were full of random cleaning bottles, sprays, sponges, canisters, powders, etc, and I could never tell what I had and what I didnt.  It was very unorganized and messy. And I had several half-empty bottles of things because I’d be convinced when I was at the grocery store that I was out of Windex, so I’d buy more, only to find 2 half-empty bottles when I got back home.

So, I cleaned out the cabinet, combined all of the half-empty bottles, and threw away stuff I dont use. Then, I got an old unused shoe organizer and hung it on the back of my laundry room door.  I filled the pockets with all of my supplies, keeping like products together on the same row.  And Voila! It’s all organized and now I can see exactly what I need more of and what I have plenty of.  I now have the cabinet space for something else, since I’m storing it all on the back of the door.  Plus, I always know exactly where to find what I need. And so does Nate, which is a miracle in itself.

Well that’s what’s working for me these days.  Head on over to Rocks in My Dryer for more WFMW tips!

4 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday!

  1. That’s a great, orginal, and useful idea. I had never thought about doing something like this – and it would cut down on being wasteful and buying dupes (which I shamelessly admit to doing because i never know what we have!)!!

  2. Oh Wow! I took one look at the picture and just gasped. I had never thought of anything like that. Though DD has one on the back of her door for her belts and various things like that.

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