A weekend with Blake and Stupidcat…

Over the weekend, Blake came in town to visit.  He’s a friend of ours who moved to Huntsville back in March because he’s brilliant and NASA recruited him to work for them as a rocket scientist. No joke. I have smart friends. I’m hoping it will rub off.

He got in Friday night and spent the weekend with us, because he was closing on his house here that he finally sold. We were really excited to see him, particularly Nate… although that just might have had something to do with the fact that Blake always brings his Nintendo Wii whenever he comes. Just maybe.

In order to get the full effect, Nate and Blake hooked the Wii up in the bedroom because that’s where the big screen is. (dont get me started on the fact that we have a big screen in the bedroom.)

The weekend was spent with Stupidcat annoying Blake as much as possible, the boys playing as much Wii as possible, and me doing as much reading as possible.  Despite that last part, the weekend was a fun one. 

Here are a few pics:

So while the boys rocked out at Guitar Hero and Mario Kart, I decided to take advantage of Stupdcat’s crazy mood and get in a little photo shoot action.

And if you wanna see a creepy shot…


2 thoughts on “A weekend with Blake and Stupidcat…

  1. Hey Nikki… I love your wierd cat picture. He looks like he wants to condescend to having a conversation with you. If you insist.I love the blogworld. More than Facebook, but I suppose that Facebook is necessary-ish.I will haunt you now.

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