Simplifying Proof!

Well, I finally have a new camera.  Since the old one bit the dust, I’ve been looking for a new one online and trying to find a good deal.  We cant really afford to go out and buy one, so I kind of thought it was wishful thinking on my part.  But Natey, being the sweet husband he is, figured out a way to get one for free using his credit card points. So, I came home the other day and there was a brand new camera in the exact model I wanted sitting on the coffee table!!

So, now that I can finally take pictures again, I decided I might need to show you some of this organizing/decluttering/cleaning I’ve been doing.  I mean, you people know me after all, and you know how unorganized/scatterbrained/messy I am. So I thought you might need proof.

And I tell the TRUTH on this here blog, so if proof is what you need, proof is what you’ll get!

Here’s the work I’ve done in the kitchen. Take a look at these cabinets.



^ Pay no attention to the contents of the upper right shelf.  


^That box holding the small gadgets is actually a Jello box.  Hey, I do what I can.


^The box in this drawer is the one that Nate’s contacts came in.


^ The gail pittman pattern that Nate things is far too crazy for regular use.  Or ever. Except that I love it.


^ Have you ever seen an appliance cabinet look so fabulous? I gave away all of the ones that I havent ever used (read: have no idea how to use), and now I can find what I need on the rare occasions that I actually cook.


^Who needs 18 muffin tins when you hardly EVER cook muffins? Or baking sheets when you pretty much NEVER bake? Not me, I tell you! I gave away all of the multiples of those too, and just keep the ones I use regularly.


^Spices, seasonings, cooking oils, etc.  Except now I know where to find them.

If only I had taken some before pictures… if only.

And just for good measure, I’ll throw in a picture of Natey that I took on the new camera that demonstrates his super attractiveness:


You’re welcome.


One thought on “Simplifying Proof!

  1. A thought on the Gail Pittman….You cook, you serve it in whatever you want. He should just be happy to eat! You know I love it too!

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