Seeds Music

I have something that you need to buy RIGHT NOW. And I’m not kidding.  And considering my current kick for decluttering and getting rid of EVERYTHING, I’m not going to just throw some product at you if I didn’t mean it. 

I have been listening to music from Seeds Music lately, and it is totally awesome.  Their collection is word-for-word Scripture put to music, and it is amazing.  Good music, too, not the sappy amateur kind.  I mean, its like the stuff you hear on KLove.

I ordered the Seeds of Easter album awhile back for the kids at church and sent them each home with a copy (its not offered on the official Seeds website anymore)… and I absolutely fell in love with it.  When I saw their new Family Worship Music set, I knew I had to have it. I’m working on teaching some of it to my kids at church, and so far its going well.  

If you do family worship in your home, this would be a great thing to add to it.  You can even find the guitar chords online so that you can play the music at home (just go here, then click on the "Resources" tab).

I have learned Scripture faster through this music than any other way I’ve tried, and if it helps adults with memorization, you KNOW kids would soak it up right away. 

Sooo…. if you see me driving down the interstate totally jammin’ out to something in my car, there’s a good chance I’m jammin’ out to the Bible. Cause it’s just about all I listen to on the road these days.

Seriously. Please check it out.  You’ll like it.  


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