Still simplifying…

I’m working on a new blog right now… and this one will soon be MIA.  Basically, Nate and I are trimming expenses on all sides, and the squarespace subscription is one that I’m willing to part with, considering the vast improvement in free blog servers in the past few years.  So I’m in the process of setting up a new personal blog that will be a little more streamlined and simple.  I’ll let you know when we’re about to make the transition so that you can brace yourselves and prepare.  I mean, I dont want to leave you hangin’.

Speaking of the expense trimming, I’m also trying to learn ways to cut costs all around and do a little better in the planning area… which plays right into my "simplification" homework from the doctor.  I started working on scheduling, and that’s going well, so this week I’m continuing with major decluttering.  I’m really hoping that having a better idea of what I have around the house will keep me from buying things I don’t need.  We’re having a huge garage sale next Saturday with Bert and Shirley, and I’m selling EVERYTHING. Well, almost. So I’m going through all of my cabinets, closets, etc, and throwing out anything that I havent used in the past year.  

So, I think I’ve pretty much decided that simpler is better.  Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get all areas of my life running that way


One thought on “Still simplifying…

  1. Are you selling any schoolbooks? Might be interested in taking some of these off your hands.

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